April 11, 2007

Embroidery Pool inspiration

A very new contributor to the Flickr Embroidery Pool is gurgledeegoo from Los Angeles. She has posted some really cute stuff - including this adorable little bee, which I thought was great.

This wedding piece was based on an illustration drawn by her friend (the groom) of himself and his bride for their wedding. How sweet!

Anyone who loiters around the Flickr Embroidery Pool would have to have noticed the colourful and original work by Bordados DaAna. Another of our top contributors, her gorgeous notebook covers are all amazing. I love watching new posts from her (and wonder where she finds the time let alone come up with all the original designs).

An artist I've discovered on Flickr who I find really inspiring is Geninne. She is a visual artist and illustrator, as well as a very talented embroiderer. Geninne shares a lot of photography of her beautiful studio/classroom and corners of her home too, which I think is really cool. Her house is so impeccably clean and light and spacious - I'm completely jealous. Also check out her blog.

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  1. Sally,

    We definitely have alot of different styles in the Flickr embroidery group!!