February 21, 2008

a preponderance of gnomes

from Sewsew-a-Gogo
free gnome pattern by Andrea Zuill available here

Do you ever wonder what starts a worldwide cultural trend? I do, and often - for instance, what's up with all the adorable gnomes?

Was it Amelie's charming gnome that started this whole deal? (Although I could have sworn I'd seen a travelling garden gnome before that....) Or was it the cute, perky, and occasionally annoying Travelocity gnome? I just need to know, do you guys know?

Inspiration notwithstanding, in the Flickr Embroidery pool, gnomes are here to stay:

Gnome scarf gnome

Gnome gnome

Gnomes courtesy of merwing, my paper crane, oipom, and krakencrafts

Longing for a gnome of your own?

February 15, 2008

There was love in the pool

Valentine's Day was not overlooked in the Embroidery Pool. Here's some of the love that people shared.

Felt hearts by ChicaCraft

'Perfect pairs' cushion by myweddedbliss

Puppy love by LucyKateCrafts

Sweet Valentine tea towel by Sweet Jessie

'Love' - says it all - cushion by Flossbox

Love to everyone in blogland - especially our embroidery friends!

February 13, 2008

pretend you didn't forget...

with a hand-embroidered Valentine, like cneu's
Thing 11, valentine cards

Are you like me and procrastinate, drag your feet and feel like holidays sneak up on you? This post is for you, my friends! Make these Valentine's Day crafts in a matter of minutes, and you too, can pretend you didn't forget... :)

Quick Valentine's Day Crafts

If You Sew Super-Fast (or if you have a sewing machine)

February 9, 2008

Embroidery on knit

I've had a lot of success with this stuff:

I found it at Joann. About $11 for 20" x 3 yards. It's transparent, so you can trace your design. I like to use a ballpoint pen, as marker (even permanent) tends to smear.


I have found its best not to have any straight corners; cut your shape in more of a circle or shape with rounded corners and then iron using medium heat and no steam. Iron for about 5 seconds and check to see if the stabilizer and fabric are fused. If not iron a few more seconds until fused.


I don't usually use a hoop to stitch knit, because I feel like I have better control without one. Totally Stable isn't fool proof. If you pull too much it will release from the fabric. I learned simply by trial and error. Be sure to use a sharp needle and take your time.

To remove Totally Stable, peel it off. But be really careful around your stitching or you'll pull out the stitches. I think it works best to hold an area of stitches with my left thumb and forefinger and then carefully tear away the stabilizer. I use tweezers to remove any small pieces that stick under the stitches.