June 5, 2009

Tuff Betty Bags

Lo, these many years ago (okay, like, four) I blogged on Sublime Stitching about Adrien Lucas' unbelievably dense and gorgeous hand-embroidered Tuff Betty Bags. Adrien emailed me recently and I was thrilled to see she is still embroidering beautiful purses within an inch of their lives and selling them on Etsy!

Link: Tuff Betty Bags on Etsy


  1. Wow love this. So much to see on that bag.

  2. Whew! That makes my wrist ache just to look at it, with all that stitching! It's in the details--a stitcher after my own heart. ;)

  3. All the wonderful stitchy layers on that bag make me think of a walk through a jungle...peeking past leaves and tall grasses with different textures. So awesome!

  4. Adrien is the Hostess with the mostest for the Atomic Holiday Bazaar Art Show here in Sarasota in Dec! She is so totally awesome and has a great sense of retro funky style! Her bags are so beautiful and really heavy with all the stitching and bead em,embellishment! Really nice to see her mentioned here!
    If you're in Sarasota in Dec swing by The show and say hi!

  5. Adrien is the best! I own one of her little night purses ( not a fancy one but some day) and it is super cute. She makes beautiful things and is a total sweetheart!