July 15, 2009

But will they wipe their hands on her?

YIP.180  but will they wipe their hands on her?
Stitched by JulieFrick

When your stitching is as amazing as JulieFrick's, it creates a certain conundrum. It's so beautiful, will people actually use it? :) As for myself I might dab my hands around the image, but I would never want to yuck up her embroidery.

How about you? For your embroidered projects - to use, or not to use? :)

P.s. That's a Sublime Stitching design, by the way!


  1. Since I mostly embroider my daughters clothes, yes, it sure gets used. But I don't do hugely fancy stuff! I think with an image like the one you posted I'd definitely not be putting it up for people to wipe their hands on ;-)

  2. That is such a great question, and I have been wondering that myself. I am making lots of towels for my family, but I was wondering if they would use it, or just make it a decorative thing. Have you given any to friends and family, and have they used them? Thank you so much for showing me her wonderul embroidery! ~Classic

  3. I love the design! I say use your stichery. Noone gets to enjoy it if it is kept hidden away.
    Great advertising too!

  4. It is too pretty to use. Although good hand work does wash up really well. Still she is too pretty to get dirt on her. lol.

  5. I have TONS of beautiful embroidered towels that I do not put out for fear someone WILL use them ... isn't that awful, all those gorgeous pieces tucked away. TTFN ~Marydon

  6. So true! I embroider towels, too, and I *want* to see them used! I am actually a little heartbroken when I see that my gift behind glass, so to speak. Beautiful things are meant to be used and enjoyed.

    That *is* lovely stitching!

  7. ok I have to admit that at 72 if someone used that towel in my home they probably wouldn't leave alive, grin.

    I use to let them, but was always sad when they mucked one up, now, no way, I have a ring for these, but the towel bar has guest towels to use that don't have all that work in them.

  8. Oh, wow! I was wondering where all the visitors to this shot were coming from. Thanks for putting her up! I'm happy to report she's been there in the ring for about a week and even with two little boys in the house, everyone seems to be wiping on the back of the towel. It makes me so happy to see it that I'm glad I'm taking the chance of (gasp) a popsicle stain.

  9. Use it!! That's what it's made for. I give away embroidered items often and always tell people that it should be used and not put on a shelf because it's too pretty to use. Good work will stand up to use and washing.