February 22, 2010

Embroidery Homework - - - Twisted Cord

I'm working on a terrific "how to" for next week. I promise it's a goodie & great for gift giving too.

A homework task so that you're ahead of the game for next week's project.

Can you make some twisted cord please? You don't need much...just about 20cm (that means you probably need to start with around 1 metre of embroidery floss).


  1. Love this!! So trying it for my next handmade journal!

  2. I have got to try this. Thanks for showing us how to do it!

  3. Pretty! I made a variation of this cording from embroidery floss to tie around a card spine. When finished I stiffened it slightly with a light coating of clear craft glue (just put some on my fingers and ran the cording between them) so that I could easily string a few beads on the ends. Am looking forward to seeing your project.

  4. Thank you so much for your tutorial here. I had tried so many places on the internet and yours was the only one that made sense to me!