February 8, 2010

Embroidery Project - - - laptop or cookbook stand

Laptop Stand

I really like my embroidery projects to be useful.

I made this laptop/cookbook stand last month so that I could fit both my laptop & my keyboard on my desk (I'm all for touch typing & the laptop keyboard just doesn't cut it). It's been in constant use & is holding up beautifully.

This one certainly is & it isn't too time consuming either. This makes it a perfect gift idea in my book.

Versatility is important so I chose the text carefully so that it could double as a cookbook stand.

Book Stand

I've included a template for the text I used when I made my own laptop stand but you should knock yourself out going through your vintage embroidery patterns or choose your own wordy something.

The "pattern" can be picked up here. You should download the original & print it on standard printer paper.

There is also a print friendly version of the slideshow available for download here.