August 23, 2007

deliciously snarky cross-stitch

from krisatomic

from reeselightnin

from carosaurus

Want to be snarky too? Subversive cross-stitch is a great place to start. Are you just naturally snarky and need no outside inspiration? Type your phrase into the magic Cross-stitch generator and post your finished work in the pool! :)


  1. This was fun although it took me awhile to come up with something "snarky" to say. I chose "Dufous Butt." Maybe I ought to be ashamed of myself but it's the worst thing I can think to call bad drivers on the road. Thank you for sharing this funny link.

  2. Ah ha ha ha! Dufous butt might be particularly amusing with a couple of tiny cross-stitch cars, then... but he he, I think this phrase stands on its own!! ;)

  3. Sweet, I made the cut! Thanks for using my pic. :) I love these projects, they're amazingly therapeutic.