October 5, 2007

deep dark scary pool

Don't go in the pool this month - unless you're into Halloween! We've caste a challenge on our members and there's some spooky halloween stitchery happening. I've done mine - but it's not in the pool this week. Here's some early posters.

She Brews is a very scary contributor with loads of halloween stitching to share. I love this stitched menu. Yummo...I'll be joining her for a bite after I finish this post.

Sunshine Creations has shared this cute little bullion stitched button. We don't see too much bullion stitch in the pool - do we?

Keep it up team! Before you know it, we'll be talking about trimming trees...


  1. I love the button. What a great idea. I still have not decided what I want to do for this challenge. I better get cracking.

  2. I've finally finished a few Halloween stitching projects and framed them. I'll post pictures soon to share. I love the button and agree that it is not only adorable but a unique project.