December 12, 2007

so this is Christmas

It's getting quite Christmassy in the Flickr Embroidery Pool.

Detail from a Christmas themed doiley stitched by Drewzel. The pattern was sourced from Floresita's embroidery transfers blog.

This gorgeous apron technically isn't a christmas apron, but coincidently the colours are just right! Krakencraft stitched this.

Christmas is so cold in some parts it's blue! This little felt tree has been embroidered by Sunny days here

Crafty Bean has been busy making these ornaments for a swap. Aren't they gorgeous!

Great inspiration - and there's still plenty of time to make things for Christmas!


  1. My goodness what an amazing site you have filled with the most whimsical and magical embroideries. I am going to spend lots of time exploring here!

  2. Love those! Off to browse the flickr groups and add a couple of my Christmasy projects!

  3. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful projects and lovely ideas!!! I´m totally in love with this blog!
    Merry Christmas!!!