January 23, 2008

bottom dweller

pocket dweller
How nice would it be to have this little creature living on your bottom?
Courtesy of the talented Dorathy - read more about her sweet project on her blog, Tumbling Blocks.

January 16, 2008

French knots make everything better!

French knots make your sheep extra sheepy:
french knot sheep

French knots give added oomph to one's fro:
60s Man - hair detail

French knots! Use them today!
Need some French knot instruction? Try this French knot tutorial!

Today's stellar French knotters:
french knot sheep french knot sheep by incy♥wincy
60s Man - hair detail 60s Man by badecca

January 12, 2008

Embroidery blanks for baby

I've been on the hunt for infant-sized embroidery blanks. Have you tried to find plain onesies and t-shirts in stores? Most have already been embellished. I ordered from 2 sites last week and the service with both was excellent. I ordered Monday and had both orders by Friday.

I ordered shirts and diaper covers from Dharma Trading Co. The downside for me is that Dharma only sells white items. They sell dyes, but that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me. The shirts are Rabbit Skins and are very soft. Dharma's prices are very reasonable and they offer a discount if you order at least 12 items (any combination of 12).

I ordered rompers and dresses with panties from Embellishments. Again, great service and nice quality. A little pricier, but many colors to choose from.
Do you have a favorite source for embroidery blanks?

January 3, 2008

be a deer

Thank you for all your kind words for Feeling Stitchy and the Flickr Embroidery Group last year. I hope this is a wonderful year for all - and here's a few photos from you, our deer friends... :)

from woundupladybug
Close-up of deer stocking

from doe-c-doe

from jrcraft
Finn's Friend

from Needlings
Needling pins