June 1, 2008

Feeling Stitchy Banner Contest


It's time for a new blog header guys... and we want YOU to stitch it! Feeling Stitchy has grown so much in just a year's time, as has the Flickr Embroidery group. There are so many talented people in our group, working in so many different styles, and what better way to showcase your work and what you do, than to have YOU stitch our header!

The old banner is nothing fancy, I made it with clipart, and it's high time for a change:

We need a banner that reflects all the cool ideas, cuteness, cheekiness, and sauciness in this group, so... stitch our banner, guys! Here are the details:

  • Be creative - use any colors or motifs that strike your fancy, it just needs to be embroidered and have the words "Feeling Stitchy."

  • Banner size: Use the old FS header as a guide (but it doesn't have to be exact).

  • Tag your banners with "FSBC" (Feeling Stitchy Banner Contest) and add them to the Flickr Embroidery pool by June 30.

  • Top 5 finalists will be chosen by the goddess of embroidery, Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching (who needs absolutely no introduction, but if you want to drool over her talented stitching, go here).

  • Finalists will be featured on Feeling Stitchy (by the lovely Jessie and other FS bloggers) and you'll all get to vote for the winner!

  • This contest is not about winning - it's about seeing and featuring what all of you do... so please don't be shy and enter, regardless of your skill level - we want to see everything!

Prizes: Help me out here. Obviously, the winner will be our featured banner on Feeling Stitchy, but, what else should we give the winner? I am a bit hard up for ideas so, I added a poll to the sidebar (choose as many items as you like) so YOU can decide. Update: thanks for your feedback, here are the prizes! :)

Feeling Stitchy Banner Contest Prizes

Winner's Prize (FS Reader's Pick):
SS Craft Pad and Doodle Stitching book
1 year Flickr Pro Account
2 tea towels
2 linen napkins
2 embroidery patterns: 1 vintage, 1 Sublime Stitching
a set of floss in the 5 favorite colors of our FS bloggers

Finalists' Prizes (there will be 4):
2 tea towels
a set of floss in the 5 favorite colors of our FS bloggers
a vintage embroidery pattern

But what about the thimble guy?

I am sad to say goodbye to thimble guy. We've had a close relationship and I must admit I've become attached to his smiling face. So, if you feel like I do, and want to include thimble guy in your banner, I whipped up a few very basic banner designs to celebrate his jaunty spirit. Feel free to use these as part of your design:

banner pattern #1

banner pattern #2

banner pattern #3

I think I've covered everything, but if you have a question, feel free to ask it in the comments here! Oh, and if you don't have a Flickr account and would still like to enter, just email your entries to flickrem AT gmail DOT com. I'll find a way to feature them in the group so everyone can see them, too! Thanks everybody, for making this such a great place to be online, and please, stitch our header! :)


  1. What a great contest! I'm not sure that I will be able to enter, but I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with. I stitched my own blog header and had a ton of fun doing it.

    Good luck, everyone!

  2. This will be fun and interesting! I am thinking already about this.....

  3. I'm pretty excited about this! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I'm going to mention this on my blog. :)

  4. oh I am so excited!! I have to get thinking...I can't wait to see what this talented bunch of crafters come up with!!

  5. Ooooh fun contest! I hope I can find the time to try and make a submission.

  6. Hello from Norway
    Lovely blogg and stitcheri
    Have a nice and creative week:-))

  7. oooh!
    how exciting is this?!
    good luck to everyone!

  8. ahhh, June 30th is too soon....I can't find time to work on this!!

  9. I just want to chew on that little thimble- he's too cute!!! This will be good practice so I can work on my own banner later! I love these contests- thanks Floresita!!!

  10. Good luck! I can't wait to see what everyone does. I'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful!