June 23, 2008

Stitching Dragonflies

I love bugs on embroidery. I find that people especially love dragonflies and damselflies. I looked through the flickr and found some people who like to embroider them, too. I posted patterns and a tutorial on my Shebrews blog for this particular damselfly. There are many ways you can stitch dragonflies and many stitches that can interpret their beauty.

LindaB from flickr did this crazy quilt loaded with dragonflies and damselflies. LindaB actually incorporates dragonflies quite a bit in her work and even includes tutorials on her blog. Dragonfly wings tutorial is here.

The above dragonfly is also LindaB's. I found another artist who offered a free pattern for a dragonfly, too. Knitting and Co.

And here are a few more examples from Flickr. The first one is Jo in NZ.

This next beaded dragonfly is from LindaB.

Try some of these little bugs on your work. They are really quite fun! In one of my early pieces I did one with organza ribbon for a ribbon embroidery class, but I have forgotten since then how I did it.


  1. Just love all the beautiful dragonflies. Thanks for sharing them. That has given me some inspiration.

  2. ave I not found this blog before??!!
    Thanks for the mention. I *heart* dragonflies