October 19, 2008

Halloween Menu Free Pattern

How you decide to do this menu is up to you, but I like to combine vintage graphics with my designs. I have made many, many of these and they always come out different. There are programs that you can buy with vintage postcards to print out. There is one especially designed for Halloween. The Vintage Workshop can be found on-line and they have various subjects of graphics you can print out. These usually also include projects that you can make with patterns and directions.

I used two fabrics fused together with heat and bond and then I did a herringbone stitch to hide/enhance the fused pieces. Under the tutorial section there is a method of transferring patterns to dark fabric. I usually just freehand my patterns with a gold gel pen. If you are careful you can cover all the ink. When I finish this project, I heat and bond it to fiberboard and then frame it under glass. Options are for a wall hanging or pillow. Instead of printing the postcard on paper, you print it on fabric and fuse it or stitch it in place.

This was one of the first ones I made. I printed the postcard on fusible fabric and fused it to the other fabric instead of stitching it. I used two different colors for the menu for interest and added the spiderwebs with a gold thread. With the lighter fabric, you can trace the words with a water soluable pen before fusing the yellow fabric on the black. I stitch through both layers of fabric for extra support since I rarely use a hoop.

I would love to see how you put this together if you make it, so make sure you post it to the Embroidery flickr and tag it with Halloween Menu. I find that most people who have purchased these from me keep them up all year they like them so much.