November 25, 2008

You're Invited... Free Embroidery Class at Madewell!

small ideas

I'll be teaching a free embroidery class at the Madewell store in Soho on Thursday, Dec. 4 from 7-9 PM with an awesome designer, Cal Patch. You're all invited! You may have seen those little embroideries above on Craftzine and Craftgossip - we'll show you how to make a mini holiday embroidery of your own. A free mini hoop, denim square, tracing paper, needles and thread will be on hand so you can craft your own mini masterpiece in the store. We'll even have some goodies from Sublime Stitching to take away!

Madewell is an awesome new clothing brand - as part of the event you can get $25 off any denim. There'll also be a DJ and complimentary drinks in case your embroidery suddenly goes south. ;) I know that not all of you live in New York, but please put the word out to anyone who does!

Madewell has a Facebook page you can check for more information, and RSVP. I would LOVE to see and meet you all in person, whether you're a beginner or an old pro, we can all learn from each other!

Madewell is located at: 486 Broadway (at Broome), NY NY (click for a Google map) Please come out and make your own mini embroidery with Cal and I! :)

November 20, 2008

Embroidering Voices from the Past...........

In my collage work, I like to combine old papers with embroidery and whatever else I can fit under glass. I have had these monopoly cards ( and tons of other game pieces), trying to make them worthy of embroidery. This morning while browsing through them, this little voice came into my head.......heh, heh.........with our economy, perhaps we could use a few more signs?

November 19, 2008

Holiday Inspiration

holiday inspiration

From the following lovely Flickrites:
1. Christmas decor, wooden by munchstuff
2. christmas lights holiday hoo no. 2 by gugy
3. fair isle sweater stocking by xoelle
4. Button Tree by creative breathing
5. Gingerbread.Felt.Biscuits.Trio.2 by CozyMemories
6. Felt cookie by rebel muffin

You guys have been inspiring me so much with your holiday creations that I had to catch up with a mosaic. And I still have oodles of stuff in the Embroidery pool I'd like to blog. You blow me away!

November 10, 2008

This is my grandmother's stitching!

After years of saying "This ain't your gramma's embroidery" I thought it was time to finally come out with, some of my grandmother's embroidery! My father's mother, Hazel Hart, was born in 1896 and lived next door to us from 1979 until the age of 99 and a half. I always loved this funny toaster cozy she embroidered and snapped a picture of it in my mom's kitchen on a recent visit. I'm sure it's a pattern, but I've always wondered if the droll words weren't my grandmother's own (anyone have this vintage design?). She and dad always did have a wonderfully goofy sense of humor.

Carl Was Not Amused

I came across a funny, quirky etsy site that I just had to share with you. First of all, would you bother to embroider toys for your cat to wrestle with? Yeah, that's what I thought.......

Nikolabean has an Etsy site that will keep you giggling during your morning coffee break...check it out.....

Nikola had a very fat cat named Carl whom the vet prescribed "obesity therapy"----Carl was not amused. Nikola, a personal trainer was not to be undone. Knowing that you could trick humans into thinking exercise was fun by using toys, the Bohemian Green Art Queen began making catnip toys.......

Help! Help!....

.......kitty is going to get me.! ....this little bird lays on the floor for kitty to stalk, and you can help save him..........
or not.

Sometimes, Nikolabean makes things for humans, too. They are not filled with catnip, but provide some therapy anyway......

Macho kitty, terminator type on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, looking for someone to love,----(but no guarantee if the dog finds me).... safe for: young people, immature adults, nice people, old people, crabby people, boys, girls, and pet lovers.......

Be sure to put something in your cart when you visit her lovely etsy store.

November 6, 2008

Don't Blame Me for Doodling.......

That Aimee Ray always makes me want to draw and doodle and then stitch......Here are some inspirations I spotted on the Doodle Stitching Flickr pages.......the Aimee Ray design above was done by Kaia Studio and posted in Flickr.......

This is done by Maya on Doodle Stitching Flickr pool.

Sweet Dreams by de Sade's Kitten in the Doodle Stitching Pool.

Then there is Savinna's Secret Garden, by Kaia's Studio.

This is called Jamie's Pillow by Roxycreations, also inspired by Aimee Ray.

And I know there are many, many more inspirations in this pool, be sure to check them out, I will be doodling up a storm after looking at all of these!!!

November 3, 2008

Time to vote!

American Presidential Election - work in progress
McCain, by scrappy annie

manifest hope contest
Obama quilt, by miss glass

Obama seems to be rocking the crafty vote - there are not 1 but 3 crafty Obama groups on Flickr:
Crafters for Obama
The Obama Craft Project

Whoever you craft for, get out and vote!

November 2, 2008

Free Embroidery Pattern from Craft Pudding

free embroidery pattern

I've been squealing over this free embroidery pattern from the amazing Craft Pudding for weeks. I think it's perfect to hang in an embroidery hoop and create a cozy holiday feeling... get the pattern here.