January 7, 2009

Sweetheart tie

from the lovely fieldguided

I am completely loving these handmade ties by Anabela - she makes them to order and adds a sweet hand-embroidered name on the back. And okay, I don't wear ties, but I might need one.

More loveliness in her Etsy store and on her blog.


  1. I bought a tie at a thrift store once because someone had embroidered "I Love You" on the underside just like this. So darling.

  2. Isn't it an awesome idea? I love it! :)

  3. oh I think I may have to get one for the hubby. I call him Monk flor short for

  4. Oh hi! Thanks for this! I love making these and I love it when people ask me to embroider a pet name on the label! It's so sweet.