January 30, 2010

Pinup + cards

Pin Up No1
Stitched by paper_pal

I'm really loving the stitching on this, especially that lovely linen and the great colors she chose... bravo paper_pal!

January 29, 2010

Groundhog Ipod Cozy

groundhog case
Stitched by wildolive

Mollie is killing me with cuteness with this groundhog Ipod case / cozy. She has a tutorial on her blog, showing how she made this adorable creature: See the tutorial!

Eep! Thanks, Mollie!

January 26, 2010

Hoop Up | Woodland Creature #1

Hoop Up | Woodland Creature #1, originally uploaded by j_q_adams.

Ha! Isn't that an awesomely cheeky chap! :-)

I wonder what's happening next week?

Nautical ATC, 3.5x2.5 in.
Penny Nickels

Slap Chop stitch


White Rabbit finished
Follow the White Bunny

french knot sheep
Incy wincy stitches

So what do Penny Nickels, Beefranck, kootoyoo, Follow the White Bunny, and Incy wincy stitches all have in common? (And possibly, a couple more mystery peeps)

Maybe you better stick around for next week to find out? Hmmmmm.....? :)

January 23, 2010

Bo Betsy

Bo Betsy on Etsy! She has hand-stitched handkerchiefs, custom portraits and more. I especially love this beautifully embroidered vintage pattern.


January 22, 2010

True Love

cheeseburger tea towel
Stitched by eeeva rose

Amen to that. Thanks, eeeva rose!

January 21, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

Craft Hope for Haiti

Please forgive me as I always tend to be late to the party on these things, but I didn't want to neglect to mention a wonderful Etsy store (you probably already know about), Craft Hope for Haiti. I clicked over to their site to read more about them and I was once again inspired and floored by the power of the internet. I know that people worldwide have been moved by the tragedy in Haiti, but the idea that 2 moms, working from home could raise over 20,000 dollars for Haiti in a matter of days, in an Etsy store, just amazes me. To me, it speaks to the amazing generosity and kindness of the crafting world.

Please take a look at their store and use your crafty dollars to help those in Haiti that are hurting.

Lasses with glasses

Lasses with Glasses
Stitched by lagidgette

Yes! Is it just me, or does she have hearts in her eyes? :)

January 20, 2010

Cat dot

kitty dot
Stitched by ¡tasteslikehappy!

I love the way this curled-up cat almost hides in the multicolored dots pattern. Wonderful.

January 19, 2010


Stitched by emshim

Help, this is so awesome. :)

January 14, 2010

Red bellied woodpecker

red bellied woodpecker
Stitched by fionabearclaw

This girl knows how to stitch. Wow!

January 12, 2010

Tasty embroidery

Stitched by * a n i t a *

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about - Ana's embroidered coaster or the tasty breakfast surrounding it... delicious!

January 11, 2010

January 9, 2010

Gorgeous stitch sampler

Stitched by Lisa's Tea Time

I just love the amazing variety of lines, colors, and textures on this. I'm also really impressed when people embroider anything freehand on Aida cloth - for some reason I find the large weave intimidating for freehand work... Bravo, Lisa!

January 8, 2010

Vader Drinking a Pop

Taking over the universe can make you very thirsty! Thanks to Mama Sass for making me giggle today.


I'll think about it
Stitched by crazybutcute

Love it! This proves that a minimum of lines and just one color can be quite impressive.

January 7, 2010

Happy Robot Family

Stitched by crafty so and so

This happy robot family made my day.

January 6, 2010

Embroidered boots

i embroidered my boots
Stitched by Veronica TM

Isn't this a great idea? I'm also loving these embroidered boots, too. I see lots of sad winter boots when I'm riding the subway this frigid winter, and a little pop of color like this would make me really happy. Bravo Veronica! :)

Have you embroidered your boots? Be sure to add a picture in the Embroidery pool!

January 5, 2010

Sweet elephant

Embroidered elephant.
Stitched by melissann

Anyone else feel like an elephant after all the holiday eating? Well, maybe embroidering this cute little guy will help take your mind off the 10 workouts you have planned... Stitched from a free pattern by Quack the Wooleyduck.

Get the free pattern here!