August 8, 2010


Bigfoot Embroidery Sampler Pattern

Bigfoot embroidery sampler stitched by Karina Ascencio

I have a real weakness for buying embroidery patterns but my hard drive is so full of them, ones that I don't even remotely yet have time to stitch, that I've had to control myself, so it is always a pleasure when I see someone else stitching up a pattern I've been eyeing up myself. I think of it as the embroidery equivalent of window shopping! So I was really pleased to see Badbird's Bigfoot embroidery sampler stitched up by Karina Ascencio recently, although it does make me even more tempted to buy this pattern now!


  1. this is so amazing, I can't even stand it!!!

  2. I haven't got any embroidery patterns. I've just been winging it so far. That is really wonderful though!!

  3. Love it! The tooth is my favorite part. ;)

  4. It is a temptation to buy. My dad loves bigfoot and hopes to run into him sometime.

  5. What a neat pattern. I have just finished my first embroidery pattern..which is also my first embroidery pattern. It's taken me over 250 hours to get it right. I can truly now appreciate the work and artistry all embroidery designers put into their work.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is fantastic. So charming...and well embroidered. Very well. love it!!!!!