August 1, 2010

Temari Thread Balls

Going all over the etsy-place a few weeks ago favoriting this and favoriting that, I discovered (meaning: heard about for the first time) temari thread balls. And all because they were being brilliantly offered by Julie and Co.

Edited: to add that Julie is offering Free Shipping for Feeling Stitchy readers, so go on and get yourself some of her beautiful work! -Carina


  1. Oh wow!!! I can't decide what I like the most, if the temari threat ball, or the bird scissors.... BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I just saw these for the first time last week. They are soo beautiful!!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my Etsy shop and temari thread balls! What a lovely surprise! I would be happy to offer any of your readers a Free Shipping offer on any order! Thank you so much!

    Julie from julieandco

  4. Thank you very much for offering free shipping! :-)

    *added to blog post*

  5. I discovered this thread craft about 20 years ago and made a few, but there was no etsy back then and they took alot of patience and precision -- too much to give away to those who didn't really care. I do still love the way they look and enjoy your photos of them...

  6. What beautiful work she does! So stunning and elegant.