October 15, 2010


I'm not sure if Archimedes would have approved of Math Books being used for embroidery but I love it. With her embroidery of a White Tree Jessica has turned the paper into a tree again, brilliant! Jessica has recently opened a shop appropriately named Paper and Stitch.


  1. Cool idea! How do you get the paper wrinkle-free when embroidering on it?

  2. I absolutely love this look. Do you have to do anything special when stitching on paper?

  3. Megan -- I've never had a problem with the paper wrinkling. The book I've been using is from the 1870s, and the texture is a little different than a regular book you'd pick up off the shelves today.

    Linda J -- The two most important tips I can offer are 1. split your floss so you're using three or four strands, 2. be patient.

    I've got a post over on my blog with some more details on the process:

  4. Wow I am smitten with this blog so much creative stitching!

  5. Thanks for your comment Jessica. I haven't tried but I guess you could iron wrinkly paper?