June 4, 2011

May Stitchalong: last week

a bit of progress
(my rather sad progress)

So, how are you guys doing on the May Stitchalong? Did you all download your pattern and give it a start? Yes, I know it's June, and I'm still posting about the May Stitchalong, but remember this is a special one with a prize! AND, you still have a whole weekend and two days to complete it - the deadline is Tuesday June 7!

strawberry detail
(my progress again)

I'll be the first to admit that my progress has been painfully slow. Ever have one of those days where nothing you do seems to turn out right? Well, I've been having one of those weeks. A word of advice? When you are feeling this way about your crafting, do not decide to sit down and stitch at night (unless you have a very nice lamp that mimics daylight). There's something about the orangey glow of most lights that will muddy up your colors and make you feel even grumpier. Case in point - me, stitching this, last night.

But when I got my project in some morning light, I immediately felt cheerier. Still grumpy, but cheerier:
sparkly glow in the dark thread: should I?
(blue sparkly glow in the dark thread - should I?)

Right now I'm trying to decide if I should add some of this sparkly thread in somehow... Either way, I'm halfway done, which is encouraging.

Now, on to your stitching!

Mr. Toast and Miss. Jam Jar
Stitched by fav_orite.things

Um, how awesome is this?! I love the colors chosen by Ms. fav_orite.things and just how bright and cheery overall this whole project is. Also, she posted a great idea to help alleviate some puckering on Mr. Toast - how about a little acupuncture? ;)

Love the chunky stitches and fun colors on this one:
May stitchalong "Together ♥ Forever"
Stitched by WithWhimsy

Here's some nice textured chain stitching and french knots on the strawberry:
Miss Jam's Strawberry
Stitched by TippedDaisy

This one's all stitched up but needs a nice saying for the banner - hey maybe you can give her a few tips! :)
March stitchalong
Stitched by eronn_actually

Also, I'm loving the texture on this PB and J - that toast looks like the perfect shade of peanut butter, he's making me kinda hungry...
PB & J
Stitched by mrs. breadpony

So all in all, I counted, and 3 days before the deadline we have only 6 finished entries - and I think that's as good a reason as any to throw your hat in the ring! This is a quick stitch - a perfect weekend project, and remember the winner gets one free pattern from Cate Anevski's store and a bundle of floss and fabric from me (I promise I'll make it a nice one). Tag your pic "MayStitchalong" and add it to the Embroidery pool before midnight (US, Central time) on Tuesday, June 7 to enter!

Download the pattern (PDF)
week 1
week 2

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  1. Oh, I love how you did the strawberry. I was struggling with how I might do the little seeds! I didn't do them, afterall, but seeing your way has shown me one rather beautiful, effective way :^)