July 1, 2011

Flossbox's Stitchy Summer School

Wheat Ear Stitch sampler

Emily of the Flossbox blog (and pattern store) has started an Embroidery Summer School. The first week of Summer School she showed this gorgeous sampler with variations of the Wheat Ear Stitch (one of my favourite stitches!). And a 'how to' on the Wheat Ear Stitch as well (it's school after all!) In the second week of Summer School she tells us all about the Colonial Knot (and compares it to the French Knot). I'm certainly going to attend Emily's Summer School and I hope you all will check it out too!

Unrelated but too sweet to not feature here:


Lovely work by Karen a.k.a. Yellow Dandy.

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  1. Love the "Life is better with you" picture. It would make a lovely valentine's gift