July 18, 2011

July Stitchalong - Week 2

Gnome WIP
Hello and happy Monday! Are you stitching the MimiLove gnome? Here's my guy! I haven't got terribly far with it yet, but I'm confident that it'll be done by the end of the month. I need to think of what to use it for, though!
Tom Gnome
jenaissance2010 has been busy already, making a very nice gnome stitchery in the spirit of MimiLove - and he's already got the thumbs up from Ms MimiLove herself!

And here are a couple more (where the settings unfortunately won't let me grab the full code to post 'em): Miss Pixie Crafts, fav_orite.things

Don't forget to add your gnome-y stitcheries to the Feeling Stitchy Flickr pool and tag it with JulyStitchalong.

If you haven't started your gnome yet, head over to the July Stitchalong post to download the pattern - there are three sizes, so there should be something to suit most schedules, regardless of summer (or winter) busy-ness. :-)


  1. Yours is looking great! :) I am new to flickr and I think I have done it right now so others can share my pictures or at least I hope so. I finished my gnome this week he took me 5 long days.


  2. so cute... definatly I tried one... very inspiring project...
    Wish you pay a visit to me at

  3. Ooh, I must do this! I loved 'The World of David the Gnome' as a child and this is perfect for me!

  4. I have to go out and buy some new thread colors for my gnome. I have the hat done though. That counts for something, right?

  5. Oh everyone's Gnomes are so so so cute! I'm not in the stitch along but I am very much enjoying watching it. Great work everyone!