August 26, 2011

The Cat and the Bird & looking for sponsors!

I guess the cat will literally have to jump through hoops to get to the bird. Love this  'Cat and Bird' series embroidered by Whimsiology!

Last week I announced that the Feeling Stitchy team is planning to do a contest soon. Remember last years Rainbow of Stitches contest? That was fun right? At the moment we are looking for sponsors to be able to give the winner(s) of this years contest some neat prizes. Think supplies, books, magazines...If you are interested in sponsoring our contest, you can contact me on followthewhitebunny AT e-tropolis DOT nl  


  1. Nichole, I've been trying to send you an e-mail and your address isn't working. :/

  2. Hi Troublet I did receive mail from others today so it does work, but you will also find an email address in my Blogger profile! Just click my name on this comment that leads you to my profile!