August 7, 2011

Patterns: Needle Power

Needle Power 
 Needle Power stitched by xperimentl - pattern by Urban Threads

At the risk of repeating myself, as I blogged about another Urban Threads pattern last week, I just had to blog about this one, as xperimentl as produced such a unique twist to this, with the great choice of colours and oooh, that lovely appliqué! You can find the pattern, called Craft Revolution, here. How many different ways could you imagine doing this pattern?


  1. Love it -
    and there must be endless ways.


    Creative Tail

  2. I'm so happy to see this post back up. I wrote a comment the first time, but I can't remember what I said.

    I think this is fantastic. I don't envy you all that gorgeous satin stitching though for sure! I love your creativity for this piece.

  3. i love this image, but the optical illusion confuses me. is it supposed to be a fist holding a needle, or a needle behind a fist?

    if it's supposed to be a fist holding a needle, it should emerge from beneath the fingertips, not behind the hand.

    sorry, not trying to be hypercritical. it's a beautifully rendered piece otherwise.