November 18, 2011

Bushy Tail

Admit it, you too want to touch that squirrel's bushy tail! Gorgeous stumpwork by Emily (aka Flossbox). She writes about the project here.

So when I think of stumpwork (which is essentially raised embroidery) I tend to think it's all beetles, flowers and forest critters. Nothing wrong with that of course (see our little bushy tailed friend above) but I was surprised to find a few very modern examples in our Embroidery Group as well. Like this Skeleton Fire-Banner by Childrenplayingwithfire and this Green Man by Rebbeca Ray. And let's not forget the KISS piece by Drop Dead Quirky! These pieces certainly make me want to attempt to create a stumpwork piece too!


  1. Absolutely love it!! I love all of the different dimensions and textures!

  2. Having checked out those two links I will never think of stumpwork in the same way again, they are amazing!

  3. Thanks for sharing the link, it truly is lovely work. I do stumpwork, mine is more Australiana, you can see here on my blog, and find the tags 'Stumpwork'.
    Thanks again for sharing.


  4. This is adorable! What a cute little squirrel :)