November 13, 2011

Patterns: ~glenda's Christmas stitching

~glenda's Christmas decorations

Holiday Penguin - free pattern by Badbird
Singing girl with bird (I unfortunately can't find the link to this pattern)

~glenda has stitched up these beautiful ornaments up as part of the Bastrop (Texas) Wildfire relief effort, replacing Christmas decorations for those that lost their homes in the fire this summer. Click on the links above to take you to bigger versions of the embroideries or to go to the pattern source. Go here for a great photo tutorial on how ~glenda made the embroideries into ornaments.


  1. thanks for the roundup! I've been researching embroidery patterns and just getting into translating drawings into embroideries!

  2. Cute! I made the wiener dog last year.

  3. Elsa's pattern can be found here

  4. Kristin - thank you for finding the link!

  5. @Kristin ~ Thank you for posting the link! I went to my Flickr pic & added the link there, as well :-).

    @Mrs. Lacer ~ Thank you for profiling my ornaments! That was a sweet surprise on my Google Reader.