January 23, 2012

Good times for a change

I made the cross stitch you see pictured above to mark a special occasion: my last blog post for Feeling Stitchy. The text is a quote from my favourite '80's band the Smiths. Despite feeling sad about leaving this blog, I think this particular quote shows a positive sentiment too.

I surely loved writing for Feeling Stitchy and hopefully you have enjoyed my weekly posts too. Thank you all for reading them (and particularly for enduring my Dutch-English writing) and for taking the time to leave your comments. I hope my posts (and the Covered in Stitches contest) inspired some embroiderers reading this blog to try new things and to broaden their stitchy horizons!

Bye bye! *Waves fanatically* Oh and if you think you are going to miss me, you know what to do...just Follow the White Bunny!
Love and stitches,
Nicole/Follow the White Bunny

P.S. just to be clear, it's only me leaving, Feeling Stitchy is made by a team of bloggers and will continue to exist!


  1. Sad to see you leave Feeling Stitchy; but gone is not forgotten. ♥

  2. lovely work and I also love the song that this lyric is from :o)

  3. Dont' worry, I'll continue to see you and the White Bunny.

  4. Sorry to see you go, but it's always important to do what's best for you.

  5. Nicole - you will be missed! Thank you for all the interesting and informative posts you contributed.

  6. I wasn't expecting this! good luck with whatever your are focusing on at this time bunny girl!! you sure will be missed here. XO

  7. Love the colours and pattern of this cross stitch, very sweet. Thanks for the posts!