June 13, 2013

Lucky winners of Embroidery supplies with Portuguese Soul

Olá! Passing by to announce the winners of last week's giveaway.

I'm very happy to inform Crystal Prior that she will receive a pack of Portuguese embroidery supplies with pure linen, a box of "vibrant" (her words...) pearl cotton balls from Limol and two Portuguese patterns. And I look forward to see how she will use them on her wool felt embroidery...

I believe that receiving a box of pearl cotton balls inspired by Guimarães embroidery will remind Deb H of Portugal. She was the lucky winner!!

And I was so happy with her comment... Knowing that Deb already visited Portugal was very special to me. She stayed in Ericeira, a little town near the sea, very well known among surfers... I have to quote her words: "Oh, how I loved that little town and it's people. Every morning, I would take a walk and talk to shopkeepers and residents. How lovely it was. I long to go back."

Pastel colors,  another choice from agulha não pca - not so traditional but still beautiful
Both winners gave the correct answer about the Portuguese traditional embroideries that inspired my color choices for the pearl cotton boxes... Guimarães embroidery has precise definitions on the colors that should be used in order to preserve the tradition: red, blue, gray, black, white and ecru. And these are the colors in the box that Deb H will receive.

Love or fiancé' embroidered handkerchiefs were the inspiration to the color choice of the pack won by Crystal. Although they do not have a rigid color palette and many colors can be used, primary colors predominate.

But Crystal and Deb were not the only winners... I was so surprised with all your kind comments, that I'm feeling like a real winner...

I loved to know that you think these pearl cotton balls look divine and have a pretty shine, that these collections are amazing and great color combinations that make you smile, that the traditional Portuguese embroideries inspired the work for an art lesson, that some of you recognize similarities between regional Portuguese embroidery and the stitching traditions of your country, that you've been learning and feeling inspired by my posts and look forward to reading more. And, of course... I was even happier to know that some of you have already visited Portugal and others will do it soon (contact me if you need some help...)

Heavy weight Portuguese linen
Portuguese heavy weight linen by agulha não pica
I loved your care... And how you took your time not only to apply for the giveaway but also to leave some kind words about my new products an my work...

You made me feel like a winner... Thank you so much - Muito obrigada!


  1. Oh! I am so excited to win. Thank you so much. I will always remember Portugal fondly.

  2. Parabéns as vencedoras!

  3. This is really a cool stuff and I like it very much.

  4. Yay me! Thanks so much, my woollen felt thanks you