December 18, 2014

Countdown to Christmas Day 6: Ugly Xmas Sweater Cat

Mr. Kitty will wear your Christmas sweater, but he won't be happy about it. Oh wait...that IS his happy face. One of my favorite crafty embroidery peeps, Cate Anevski stitched up this adorable, yet slightly annoyed kitty in an ugly Christmas sweater. You can make your very own but downloading the pattern and the tutorial on &Stitches


  1. Eep! I love it!

  2. I definitely need to embroider this on a sweatshirt.. Mr. Kitty wearing a Christmas sweater on a Christmas sweater!

  3. This is a lovely design. It is small in size but is looking gorgeous. I have also prepared some designs for this winter season, which I purchased from OregonPatchWorks.