May 25, 2015

Mooshie Stitch Mondays: Whipped Wheel Stitch

The whipped wheel is a stitch I learned from the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge. I really like how it looks and it's fun to stitch. I have also seen it referred to as the whipped spider wheel or ribbed spider web stitch.

So grab your tapestry needle and let's get started!

I traced a circle using a template and drew 8 spokes towards the center of the circle. You can stitch this with as many spokes as you like.

Straight stitch each spoke towards the center.

Bring your needle up through the center.

Slide your needle under the first spoke.

Then whip (or backstitch) around the spoke. Do not pluck the needle into the fabric.

This is where the tapestry needle works best because it has a blunt tip and will be easier to weave under and over the spokes!

Move onto the next spoke - slide your needle under it, and whip around.

Repeat the steps around and around - whipping each spoke before moving onto the next until you fill the entire wheel!

This is where I stopped whipping and just pulled the thread under each spoke a few times around and ended my wheel.
You will see I did not whip all the way to the ends of each spoke - I left a little bit of the spokes sticking out - but you can whip all the way to the ends of the spokes if you like.

My second whipped wheel I worked 5 spokes with green floss.

This time I did not trace a circle - only the spokes.

Try out the whipped wheel stitch and share your photos in the Embroidery Group on Flickr!

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