December 2, 2016

Christmas Countdown #2: Larissa Holland

How exquisite is this 8 Maids A-Milking pattern by Larissa Holland? The pattern is part of a gradually released series of patterns, based on the 12 Days of Christmas song, here are all 8 patterns so far:

Partidge and Pear pattern   Turtle Dove pattern

French hen pattern   Colly bird pattern

Gold ring pattern   Goose a laying pattern

Swan a Swimming pattern  
It's no secret that I love Larissa Holland's patterns - every year at Thanksgiving I pull out her beautiful Snow bird pattern, and make ornaments to give away to friends and family for the holidays. I know from experience that Larissa's patterns are extremely detailed and well-made, and I highly recommend a visit to Larissa Holland's shop for truly wonderful holiday inspiration!

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