July 12, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #42: Belinda Marshall Kits

Wonderful Wednesday 42 - Belinda Marshall Kits, a Feeling Stitchy feature by floresita

Well I suppose by now it's fairly obvious what my favorite colors are - and you can see them all in play in this wonderful Printed Fabric Pattern by Belinda Marshall Kits on Etsy. I thoroughly appreciate the creativity in this abstract piece, and how restful it would be to work at such a pleasing form. I can't wait to see more kits in this exciting new Etsy shop!

Belinda in her own words, from her shop description:

"I am a visual artist {abstract painter} and designer {surface, embroidery} living in Melbourne and working from my studio in Brunswick."

Belinda also sells her fine art prints, cushions, and wall hangings on Etsy, don't miss that inspiring shop as well:

You can see more of Belinda's kits on Instagram: @belindamarshallembroideryworks.

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