December 1, 2017

Feeling Random Friday #6: Bug and Bean Stitching

Can you believe it's December?! How did 2017 go by so quickly? Let's take a look at Bug and Bean Stitching today! Marley is a hand embroidery artist whose work is beautiful! I picked the particular picture above for a few reasons, 1) My wedding anniversary is September 10, 2011 (09/10/11), 2) That shade of blue in the background is pretty similar to what's on the walls of most of my house, and 3) If I'm not mistaken, that's a Rifle Paper Company pattern on the left. I really like her style!

You can find Marley on Instagram @bugandbeanstitching and on Facebook, You probably know that I'm a dog lover, and Bug and Bean are the names of Marley's two Corgis, who are absolutely adorable! Here are some of my favorite hoops she's stitched up:

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