January 8, 2018

MooshieStitch Monday: "Mountain Road" Vintage Embroidery Kit

Happy New Year Everyone! I am here today to share with you some photos of an embroidery kit I just finished!

A couple months ago, I decided to go on Ebay for embroidery stuff. I randomly searched for "vintage embroidery kits" just to see the results - and what do I find but this Sunset Designs Jiffy Stitchery "Mountain Road" embroidery kit (un-opened) from 1975!

The kit included instructions, wool yarn, needle, and fabric with the design printed on it.

The wool yarn was a 3-ply stranded Persian yarn. Most of the kit was stitched using 1-ply, with the exception of the French Knots, those are 2-plies of yarn.

Only three stitches were recommended: satin stitch, French knots, and Pueblo stitch.

I had never heard of the Pueblo stitch before, but from the stitch drawing included in the instructions, it looked similiar to the back stitch and split stitch combined?? I could be very wrong - and I didn't do much research on it either - so I just worked the split stitch wherever they said to use Pueblo stitch! :)

Here is a better view of the drawing included in the instructions - numbered with what color to use.

Here it is with all the greenery finished. I switched to an oval hoop because it was easier to use.

Making progress on the mountain...

Half way done with all those French knots!!

The finished product!

The fabric really puckers once I remove it from the hoop. I don't have a hoop that is the size or shape to keep the finished work in, so I am not sure what to do with it. Should I try to find a hoop to put it in or should I frame it??

Just for fun I took a photo of the of the finished piece next to the photo on the kit's cover to compare.

Up close!

The surprising thing about this kit was how fast I actually finished stitching it! In 2017, I barely embroidered. So when I got this kit, I used it as motivation to get stitching again and my goal was to finish by the new year. 

I really did enjoy the ease of it - no thinking about what stitches to use, the fabric and yarn were included, and having the kit tell me exactly what colors to stitch and where. (Can you tell I am new to the whole embroidery kit game?? ha ha Maybe I just need to get more kits to stitch....)

What's your favorite embroidery kit? Share in the comments, I would love to hear!

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