January 11, 2019

Feeling Random Friday #5 with Mia Winston

I can hardly believe it's already 2019!! As someone born at the tail end of 1969, I've gotta tell you I honestly thought we'd have flying cars by now, and everyone would have a robot butler. Joking aside, I've been thinking about 2019 a lot in terms of my life, relationships, career - everything. For over a year and a half I've only been partially living. I've been getting by day by day without really enjoying life. I've had a lot of obstacles to overcome that were emotional, mental, and physical. I'm tired of being tired, and I'm tired of not living my life to the fullest!

I L O V E New Year's Resolutions. Do I always keep them? No. Do I even remember the goal I set in January in December? Goodness no! But the ritual of thinking about my life, making an outline of where I'd like to go, and thinking about the possibilities for my life recharge me. I have been sick with bronchitis for over a week. Besides the time I had mono when I was 16, I cannot ever remember being this sick for this long. I took a full week of antibiotics, didn't start to feel better for three days, and still don't feel near being 100% well.

On thing I can be certain of in my future is that my soul will be uplifted by the stitching community, and I will do my part to uplift others. That's why I like writing this segment each week - it gives me an opportunity to lift up the art of others, and share their work with the world.

First up for 2019 is Mia of @winstonsart_ ! Mia combines mixed media elements to create texturally and visually beautiful hoops. She uses touches of sparkle with beads and sequins amongst the stitches. The hoop above reminds me of either an underwater reef, or a little pond with lily pads, tadpoles, and grasses. What does it remind you of?

You can find Mia on Instagram and Etsy. Here are some of my favorites from Mia's Instagram feed. I encourage you to check her out!

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