May 29, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday #73: Marigold and Mars

Wonderful Wednesday 73 - Marigold and Mars Hands pattern as featured by floresita on Feeling Stitchy

I have had my eye on this beautiful Hands pattern by Marigold and Mars for some time - previously this was only available as a hand-embroidered item by the artist herself, but as with all embroidery, I was itching to try a version of my own!

The colors she's chosen for this simple yet beautiful design are gorgeous:

Marigold and Mars has also had a book published recently - if you love the look of that pattern, you'll also want to check out: Hoop Dreams: Modern Hand Embroidery by Cristina Morgan!

Just so you know, this link is an Amazon Affiliate link - clicking through the link and buying costs no more for you and is one way to support our volunteer reviews.

For more things Marigold and Mars, be sure to follow her on Instagram: @marigoldandmars

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