December 6, 2019

Project a Month: Jenny Blair Owl Kit

I've had my eye on this Jenny Blair Owl Kit ever since I first saw it on Jenny's Instagram account - it is just lovely! I am quite behind on my monthly projects - this should have been October's - so I am hoping for a quick stitch on this one.

There are two versions of this kit, one with black fabric, and one with gray fabric (as above). After much deliberation, I chose the black, as it looked quite dramatic and unique compared to anything I'd done yet this year...

Project a Month October

There is something so lovely about this design, isn't there? My reason for choosing this pattern was a wonderful, vivid memory of joy I had from last year, in October when I was on chemotherapy. It was a cold night, and I was having trouble sleeping - I heard a strange barking sound high up in a nearby tree - I stepped out into the cool night air to see the large, mysterious shape of an owl, hooting back at me! It was truly magical, and such a comforting moment of beauty in a difficult time, so I chose this pattern to remember that moment forever. :)

About the kit

This is a lovely, well-designed kit - the hoop is nice and sturdy, and the screen printed fabric is very nice to work with, as it is so difficult to do a good transfer on dark fabric. The included needle is small and very sharp - I'll be using it for my stitching!

Project a Month October

The directions are very thorough - with suggestions for stitches to use in each area, and a nice, clear photo of the finished project. If you stitch the kit as Jenny suggests, you'll have a nice sampler of stitches done by the end.

As for myself, I am still on a stem stitching high after finishing my Gimena Romero class pattern, so I chose to do all the branches and leaves in stem stitch...

Project a Month October

I love that the threads are already cut in perfect lengths for stitching, so you don't have to fuss with tangling skeins or winding them onto bobbins - this would be a good, small travel project for a plane.

Here is my stitching so far!

Project a Month October

If you would like to stitch along (or get this wonderful kit for a friend), this is the Owl Kit by Jenny Blair. More progress soon!

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