July 29, 2008

3 Day Banner Celebration

As you know, there were so many awesome entries in our contest, and as a thank you to everyone who entered, over the next 3 days I will randomly swap each one in and out. This is a good reason to click on over if you're viewing this in a reader - keep checking back throughout the day as I show them all to you, and hopefully you'll be able to see your own!

We still have a winner and finalists who'll be receiving their prizes, but I was wondering what you thought of rotating the banners on a weekly or monthly basis? We could leave the banner contest open-ended, so anyone can stitch a banner for us at any time, and we can swap the nice ones in and out... Hmmm.. this might call for another vote... just an idea - let me know what you all think!

In the meantime, enjoy the guest banners and beginning August 1 you'll see the winning banner stitched by PlanetCoco in all its glory here!


  1. I love the look of blogs who change their banner from time to time, even when I like the original best. I think it keeps it fresh and new. There really were so many nice entries, I thought of the same idea you have. It would be fun to have some "holiday" banners, too. You know, google messes around with little vignettes from time to time, and I find it very interesting. So, you could have an ongoing resource, if someone wanted to contribute that way........

  2. so far I've only caught two, but really enjoy seeing them up there! such talent!

  3. I'm glad we get to see the other entries. I think you have alternate banner weekends (would that be a pain?) and then someday have another contest.

    That way the winner gets to have their entry displayed most of the time and we get fresh weekend look and I get to look forward to there being another contest someday.

  4. This was my favorite too! I love the header! I liked your last one too, but this is just SO CHARMING! I've been wanting to do some embroidery in the clothes I make to giveaway on my Grosgrain site and your site is such a great place to look for ideas and tips...which I have been doing! Thanks again!