July 20, 2008

Cast Your Vote!

Last week you saw all of the finalists banners in action and learned about each of them (thank you Jessie, for interviewing everyone!) Now it's time to cast your vote in our sidebar - you have one week to vote! The winner and finalists will receive some wonderful prizes.

Thank you to everyone who contributed designs to our competition, and even if your design was not chosen - please leave it in the pool! I have a surprise related to that which I'll reveal soon... :)

Here's one last look at the 5 finalists chosen by Jenny Hart (and their interviews):

Flossbox - Emily (interview)
Feeling Stitch banner #2

PlanetCoco - Kirsty (interview)
Feeling Stitchy

Shebrews - Eydie (interview)
Feeling Stitchy banner popart

Maraland - Mara (interview)
Feeling Stitchy Banner Contest

Early Bird Special - Amy (interview)
Feeling Stitchy Banner

Good luck to all of our finalists!


  1. Ah, I want to vote on all of them! ^_^

  2. yes, they are all wonderful so wonderful I can't decide. Great designs!

  3. Can I pull an American Idol and vote for all of them as many times as I want. There's no way I can decide. They are all too cute in their own unique way.

  4. they are all so well done. choosing one will be tough. maybe you could rotate them through the seasons?

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  6. Just voted! It's hard to pick a favorite, they are all so pretty!

  7. They are all wonderful and it was hard. Best wishes to the winner!!!

  8. good luck ladies! I wish all of you the best! It was hard to pick just one..

  9. the second one. def the second one...

  10. they're all so great! so hard to choose

  11. ah!
    i can't make up my mind!
    they're all worthy of prizes.

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  13. They are all very nice , but I like the top one the best :)

  14. They are all so gorgeous, that I`m finding it very difficult to decide!
    They ALL should win!
    For sure!!
    Kisses Kisses Debbie

  15. I am too late to vote but wanted to comment that I would have chosen it too. So cute.