July 16, 2008

Finalist #3: Shebrews - yellow mod

... a mini interview with Eydie, aka "SheBrews"

Feeling Stitchy banner popart

Eydie, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I like the sounds of clinking china in a diner; crunching dead leaves under my feet in the fall; heavy blankets when I sleep; listening to sound of snow falling in the early morning in the woods; reading aloud to myself as the words are delicious in my mouth; *a good sigh*

so, the physicalness of embroidery marches right into my world as a delightful experience: picking out colors, stabbing the fabric, /myself,;/ threading the needle, losing the thread; wrestling with the thread, pulling out the thread; losing the needle.....etc.

Honestly, I thought I would be a writer rather than an artist. It has become a surprise to me that I do this for a living. I work full time as an artist/crafter doing approx. 43 shows a year. The difficulty of this is not what you think----it is shutting down at nite. I cannot sleep well. Things parade across the screen of my mind all auditioning for the next project. Prodding me, poking me, /sheesh, let the poor girl sleep!

You blog under the name "shebrews" - could you tell us how you came up with that name?
Shebrews is a combination of my contemplative nature and my love of the book of Hebrews.

Do you do other crafty things besides stitching?
I love all things creative--one thing attaching to another--suddenly my work, like life becomes a collage of sorts. I combine my drawing, painting, calligraphy, reading, authoring, love of children's illustrations, sewing, and embroidery skills all in one package......

Where do you find inspiration?
The question is often asked of me, "Do you ever run out of ideas?" The answer to that is: "No. I run out of time." Time is the limited quantity in my creative life. One idea just births another, and I can't get them out fast enough. However, my worst enemy is when a project goes awry. Valuable time is gobbled up and I don't like that to happen. I can usually salvalge the materials, but I cannot get back the time I put into it.

Where do I find the inspiration? I never would have thought what valuable information my five children could provide me in their lives growing up. Now, their children are keeping me supplied. Also, living in an area close to woods, waters, and nature, I have lots to garner.

Please tell us about your banner design submission...
My banner submission is a good illustration of my "collage" attitude in everything I do. It's about being different and yet fitting in. It's about being separate and yet being able to connect. It's about being an individual and not losing the individuality but making a difference by working together. And the thimble guy? well, he seals the deal!

Thank you so much for the interview, Eydie. Good luck with the banner contest!


  1. I've always been inspired by a very poetic quality Eydie has in her writing, which really came through in her interview today... what a great read! :)

  2. 43 shows a year! That's impressive. No wonder you don't think there is enough time. :)

  3. I loved the insight into who she brews is. Great job on the banner and congrats!

  4. I vote for PlanetCoco - Kirsty

  5. How do we vote? lol. I'm voting for Kirsty.