December 8, 2009

Embroidered Effects Giveaway

Embroidered Effects Giveaway!

In July of 2008, I received the embroidery project of a lifetime, courtesy of Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. My mission, should I choose to accept it, would be to stitch 3 projects for her upcoming book, Embroidered Effects. I would even (*gasp*) be paid for it! I received a full set of colorful Presencia floss to aid my quest, and sparkly Glow in the Dark SS threads. Eep. And I would have to keep it extra-secret, until the book was published next year. Now, when I have to, I can keep a secret, but it eats and eats away at me because let's face it, peeps, I am a bit of a bigmouth. :)

chandelier in progress

There was absolutely nothing like seeing the finished book this summer, and tracing each little stitch with my fingers (after carefully inspecting my fingers for taco grease, naturally) and thinking, I stitched that! It IS a beautifully made book, something my mom even commented on, and my mom is a tough person to impress. Other awesome stitchers were Rachel of Craftzine, Amy of Early Bird Special, and even Ginger, who owns the coolest embroidery store in Austin TX, Ginger's Needlearts. My 3 projects were the Sugar Skulls, Chandeliers, and Pillowcase Birds.

I was honored to be a part of this project, so I wanted to share a little holiday spirit with you Feeling Stitchy readers... in the form of.... a giveaway! I'll be giving away 2 copies of Embroidered Effects! (But no way am I giving away my personal copy - uh-uh!) I'll ship 1 copy internationally, so you overseas peeps can enter!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment with the following info by Monday morning, Dec. 14th:
1) your favorite floss color (here's a DMC list, if you like)
2) your favorite Sublime Stitching pattern
3) your favorite Christmas carol (or, you can just say you hate Christmas carols) :)

P.S. Because I'm feeling extra generous, there may even be a few surprise prizes, too! So keep that in mind while you, ahem, answer those questions... ;)

P.S.S. We moderate comments on FS (to keep out spam), so it may take awhile for your comments to appear. No fears, we get every comment you submit, so there's no need to submit again (or 5 times more). :)

EDIT: monday, Dec. 14th, 7:30 am - comments closed - winners announced soon!

Hi, I'm floresita, editor of Feeling Stitchy. I'm an avid stitcher, knitter, and crafter. You can see more of my stitching on Instagram and my blog. My vintage transfer collection is on Vintage Transfer Finds.

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  1. This book is so awesome that I already have my own copy. I would give an extra copy away to a stitchy friend of course! Anyhoo, my favourite floss colour: (well one of them) dmc mouline 807 is blue and very pretty. I use it all the time. Fave Sublime Stitching pattern must be the Black Apple series. Sorry no favourite Christmas Carol, or maybe the one with the animals in the peartree (or something) because it's so odd. :)

  2. 603 Pink color, actually all the pink colors!!!

    Sublime "Ice Skates!" Winter pack!

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! Sung by Andy Williams! It's my ringtone!!

    Thanks so much!!! I don't have this book just the other two!!!

  3. 1. 4030 - it is verigated aqua and blue - just beautiful. I really love all the verigated flosses.

    2. I just love Camp Out, but I have used Monkey Love the most. There is no iron-on left to the iron-ons.

    3. Tough one. I love the harmony in Baby It's Cold Outside - and that would make a great embroidery pattern title. :)


  4. 740... bright and pretty. I love the Librarians pattern! I like any Christmas Carol sung by my daughter (she is 9 and does an awesome lounge singer impression).

  5. 310 is my favorite - the one I buy 3 at a time but still never can find one when I need it!

    Viva Las Vegas is my favorite - I stitched a wicked cool LUCKY LADY t-shirt for a friend once!!

    And my favorite Christmas song is THE Christmas Song (chestnuts roasting). Not into the church choir-type carols - was burned out on that shizz from age 8 or so. Too many opera style versions of O HOLY NIGHT is not good for a young child's hearing.

  6. would love this book!

    fave color...i am feeling 550...such a nice deep color...

    fave pattern...this is hard...i think i am leaning towards the Carson Ellis Artist Series #9...

    fave carol...little drummer boy, i think...esp sung by david bowie and bing crosby or johnny cash.

  7. What a lovely giveaway! I like 3824--it's a pretty pale pink floss.

    The patterns are all great, but my favorite is the Black Apple set. So whimsical!

    My favorite Christmas song is "Baby It's Cold Outside."

  8. 1. 550 - love deep purple accents!
    2. Rock 'n' Roll patterns - I embroidered the cassette tape with my favorite band name (Pixies!) in the strip along the top.
    3. James Taylor's cover of Joni Mitchell's "River" from his awesome James Taylor at Christmas album is my favorite :-)

  9. this book is ON my christmas list :)

    1) my favorite floss color is: 3815. gotta love that teal!

    2) my favorite stitching pattern is: Kurt Halsey! I bought it last year and still love it.

    3) my favorite christmas carol it's cold outside sung my zoey deschanel. played on repeat please!

  10. What a great giveaway! My favourite colour is 503, a pretty green. As for the patterns - I love the Black Apple designs best of all, very closely followed by Carson Ellis' set, and the Dutch-Russian Dolls!
    My favourite carol is the Charterhouse Carol which was my school carol at boarding school! Noone else has really heard of it though so I'm going to say Silent Night as well. Plus all the Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs of course! Thanks the giveaway! (PS, I'm in England.)

  11. Thank you so much for doing this wonderful Giveaway! My local Chapters is always sold out of this book. It is on my Christmas list!
    Floss #815 is one of my many favourites.
    Favourite Pattern...Ohh...tough one! I love them all but I really like The naughty secretary followed closely by the Black Apple series...followed closely by the Sushi bar! :)
    Favourite Christmas carol is definately "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"
    Good Luck everyone!

  12. Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!
    I'm international. In Turkey. But I'm Canadian.

    Fave floss colour is LIME GREEN. I don't know the number it corresponds to in the DMC line, I just gravitate to LIME GREEN. Love it.

    Fave Sublime Stitching pattern is Sexy Librarians. Because I am one.

    Fave Christmas carol is the Cat Carol by Meryn Cadell. Every time I cry. Every. Time.

    (i'm at kimmieluwho at yahoo dot ca or

  13. 1. My favorite colour is light purple also numbered 211! ; )

    2. Kurt halsey kit, especially for the birds!

    3. Winter wonderland without any hesitation!

    Casa from France

  14. 1. A nice candy apple red, like 666 or 321.
    2. The Black Apple
    3. Little Drummer Boy.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. 1. 3846 (it's so HARD to choose a favorite color!)

    2. Spaced Out! love that one

    3. I don't like the Christmas carols. There is some Christmas music I enjoy like NSYNC's album but that's all I can stand.

  16. 1. Almost impossible to choose, but possibly 793. Love that soothing periwinkle blue color. Periwinkle was my favorite Crayola crayon...

    2. Kurt Halsey. Just love those big heads and cute faces.

    3. Grown Up Christmas List (?)

  17. Such a great giveaway! Okay, here we go-

    I could never, ever choose a favorite floss color. In fact, I want to print out that DMC list and frame it, because they are all so lovely.

    As far as Sublime Stitching goes, I love Craftopia and Bon Voyage. And Swanky Decor. Oh, and Black Apple. Vintage Lamps and Mod Fashion are great too. Okay, I'm terrible at choosing favorites.

    I love christmas crafting while listening to "Merry Christmas Darling" by the Carpenters and "All I want for Christmas is You" performed by anyone. David Bowie and Bing Crosby's Little Drummer Boy is also incredible.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. These questions are all hard to answer--so many fabulous choices! But here I go:

    355 Red--beautiful color

    Black Apple--I love her little houses (just bought a print, as a matter of fact)

    "Carol of the Bells"--always a favorite

  19. Great giveaway! How exciting! Anyway, I think my fave floss color is probably 699 - kind of a Christmasy green and fave pattern is possibly "Dainty Days" but the "Sexy Librarian" patterns are pretty awesome, too. My fave carol is just straight up "Jingle Bells!"

  20. YAY! Fabulous giveaway!

    1. 415 - I didn't even need to check the list...I use it at least once in every project.
    2. I swear I'm not sucking up to you by picking this one, but the chandelier pattern from the craft pad has been my favorite that I've stitched up so far. Gorgeous!
    3. So not a Christmas carol, but 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' by Mariah will never fail to get me in the Christmas spirit.

  21. I'm in love with you chandelier. How beautiful! I' would like to enter.

    My fav floss is DMC 995. My favorite sublime stitching pattern is her winterland pattern, and my favorite Christmas carol--that one is hard because I don't think "any one sung by Bing Crosby" counts as an answer, so I'll pick Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (and go watch Meet Me in St. Louis to see it sung by Judy Garland!)

  22. hmmmm, this favorite color thing is going to be tough. I think 4050, a variegated number with greens, blues, and golds. I don't use it very often but I do love it. It's like a mermaid :)

    My favorite pattern has got to be- Roaring Twenties or Zombies and Monsters.

    Fav X-mas song- I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  23. I like 603- such a pretty pink color!

    My favorite Sublime pattern is the "Sexy Librarians" pattern. So cute!

    And my favorite carol is Silent Night!

  24. Oh what an awesome giveaway! I have to say that my favorite DMC floss is #3812. It's like an aqua and turquoise. My favorite pattern is from the artist series, The Black Apple. I don't have a favorite Christmas carol but I can't stop listening to "Christmas time is here" by the Charlie Brown gang.

  25. This book looks amazing! I tried to find it at my local library, but no such luck. I'd love to win one!
    1) 103, such a deep, full color is great!
    2)Sexy Librarians are my favorite! I'm stitching some onto tea towels for holiday and graduation gifts!
    3) It's not really a classic, but Boogie Woogie Santa Claus is definitely my favorite!

  26. say this book at B&n and would love to win a answer your questions:
    #221- love the rich red color
    the black apple series
    O Holy Night
    thanks for a great giveaway

  27. Hi!
    1) 552, I think

    2) I'm really obsessed with the Garden Variety patterns because I'm making something with it for my father, who is quite the avid gardener.

    3) I don't listen to many Christmas carols (being Jewish), but I think I'd have to say Carol of the Bells.


  28. ¿Se puede contestar en castellano verdad? :)

    1. Mi color favorito (jo, ¿sólo uno? :D) es el 972 con el 907 :)

    2. My plantilla favorita, jo! estas preguntas son muy difíciles!! Creo que la de Black Appel, adoro su trabajo!

    3. Y mi villancico favorito... jo! pues no tengo!! Es más, ahora que no nos oye nadie... creo que no me sé ninguno entero!!

    Pues nada, que cruzo los dedos, los pies y las manos. :)

    Besitos desde España y feliz Navidad :*

  29. I love 3846 so much!

    My favorite pattern is Zombies and Monsters.

    My favorite Christmas carol is Winter Wonderland, the Cocteau Twins version.

  30. My favorite DMC thread color is 310 (black) because it's indispensable.

    Sublime Stitching patterns... I love the guest artist patterns, especially Black Apple and Julie West.

    And I've never been a huge Christmas tunes person, but my sisters and I usually share a good laugh over the cheesiness of Wilson-Phillips' "Hey Santa!" every year. :D

  31. 1. 726 is my favorite! So cheery!
    2. Bowling Betties!
    3. Carol of the Bells is my favorite to sing. I learned all the different parts when I was in chorus, but now I get all confused so I skip from harmony to harmony and it all sounds jumbled up, but it's still so pretty. And any carol sung by any member of the Rat Pack, especially Dino!

  32. Pick me please!

    1) My favorite floss color is #509
    2) I love the sugar skulls pattern! It's my fav!
    3) The Little Drummer Boy is my all time favorite christmas carol!

    Thank you!!

  33. a. Fave floss color: 3831. Love that raspberry color!
    b. Fave SS: Kurt Halsey. So so cute.
    c. Fave Christmas carol: O Holy Night. I just love singing it.

  34. My favorite floss color is 3846 I love this bright aqua/blue
    My favorite SS pattern is the Love bird from the Carson Ellis patterns I want a tattoo if it on my right shoulder blade.
    And the 12 days of Christmas is my favorite carol my dad and i would sing it non stop from thanksgiving to Christmas driving my mother insane.

  35. 1. Oh sheesh, just one color... i'm gonna go with 905

    2. This one is tough too... gonna say KRAZY KITCHEN

    3. My favorite Christmas Carol is probably WHITE CHRISTMAS.


  36. 1. I really love DMC 67 and 91. So peaceful.

    2. Sexy Librarains! Though I do love many of them.

    3. Anything moody and old sounding (if that makes sense). Think "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "The Coventry Carol" or "I Wonder as I Wander". Love them all.

  37. i'm a turquoise freak, so either 807 or 597.

    anything from forest friends pack

    jingle bells as sung by bing crosby and the andrews sisters.

  38. 815, but any good deep red. Love it

    The black apple- sewing the boy and girl got me through a bad vacation!

    I love I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. That song and I have a history.

  39. 3838 - Lavender Blue-DK

    Definitely Winterland. (good thing I like winter since it was -8 last night)

    Marshmallow World!! Dean Martin - isn't that a Christmas Carol? It is at my house.

  40. I always say my favorite color is 666 red, but I actually prefer 777 red. My favorite sublime pattern is the insects from the Craft Pad. I generally hate Christmas music unless my 6 year old is singing it.

  41. Can you have a floss-gasm? Because I think I might have just had one!

    My favourite DMC flosses are 906 and 907, lovely grass green colours :) And they would look lovely with the Garden Variety Sublime Stitching pattern.

    And, as much as my singing voice sounds like a cat being strangled, I can't help but sing along to Away in a Manger. It's a classic carol and always gets played when I'm putting my Christmas tree up :)

  42. 1. DMC Avocado...or any of those really shiny gorgeous greens.
    2. I really like the spacey retro ones.
    3. Little Drummer Boy. David Bowie version.

  43. 3812 is beautiful, though it's hard to pick out just one!

    and as far as the pattern, do the artist series count? i'm guessing not, though they're phenomenal, too.
    mmm, i really like the vintage lamps.

    and i LOVE carol of the bells, though i have yet to learn all the words...

  44. All colours in yellow, orange and red, my pick is 971, a kind of orange. My favorite stitching pattern is Black Apple and Camp out. And my favorite Christmas song is either In the bleak mid winter or Chris Rea singing Driving home for Christmas. Around Christmas time you can hear me singing all day long! One loved Christmas carol after the other. Greetings from Germany - thanks for shipping internationally - my chance!

  45. I forget which number it is, but DMC has an absolutely gorgeous royal blue color that I adore. :) My favorite Sublime Stitching pattern is probably the Rock and Roll set, too fun! Favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night. :)

  46. I LOVE my Embroidered Effects. I have already learned so much from it. The photos are so gorgeous, it looks like I can reach out and feel the texture of the beautifully stitched pieces. I have stitchy friends who covet my copy, so winning one would be so great. A crafty gift is the best sort.
    I love DMC 740 - a bold orange. Of course I have run out of it 3/4 of the way through a project.
    I also love the 122 variegated green which makes for fantastic leaves/grass (or some shocking green hair!).

    My fave sublime pattern is the Bon Voyage series. I plan to stitch up a travel tote for my niece with the pics.

    My fave holiday carol is Santa Baby - it always puts me a smile on my face!

    hugs & happy holidays!


  47. I looked at this book the last time I was at the book store, it is a great book. I love the color green, so my favorite floss color would have to be something in the chartreuse color range. I have the Sublime Stitching book and I just love all of the patterns in the book. I really like the little drummer boy sung by Bing Crosby and David Bowie.
    thanks and happy holidays!

  48. My favorite DMC is a salmony pink, whose number I don't know because I foolishly tossed the wrapper before I wrote down the # on my thread keeper! Oops. I'll be matching it tomorrow at the store. :)

    My favorite sublime patterns are the retro 50's nuclear patterns.

    And my favorite christmas carol is a spanish one about a burro - so charming! It's "Hacia Belen va un borrico", you can hear it on this album (which I highly recommend): 'Songs of Angels - Christmas Hymns and Carols' by Robert Shaw (it's on amazon!).

  49. 1. My favorite is definitely 115. I love redwork!

    2. Forest friends! Especially the hedgehog.

    3. Christmas in the Hollis by RUN DMC. Does that count?

  50. It's a toss up between DMC905 and DMC3844. I'm a color lover, but I tend to gravitate towards bluish-green or green.

    Not really into Jenny Harts style, it's kinda plain and unoriginal. But I love the stitchery by guest artist Tara McPherson. I'm in love with the girl and the unicorn sea horse. I so want to stitch it for a friend who's in love with McPherson.

    "A few of my favorite things" as sung by Kenny Rogers. I'm not sure if I've ever heard it caroling. It's the creepiest xmas song ever and it's great!

  51. My favorite DMC floss color is #156. It's a pretty purpley color.

    My favorite pattern is in the Naughty Librarians sheet, and it's the one where the librarian is reading a book and saying, "Shhh!" (I'm a librarian in real life.)

    For some reason this year, I have had the song Deck the Halls in my head almost non-stop, so I'll say that's my favorite!

  52. 1. 3846 - bright blue!
    2. My favorite pattern is the airplane on the bon voyage sheet. (I also really love the campfire from Camp Out!)
    3. O Holy Night sung by the Judds, because my mom always played it when my sister and I were little.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Well, 798 blue is my personal favorite, but I use more 319 green on a day-to-day basis.
    I love the designs in Forest Friends.
    My favorite carol is the Carol of the Bells. I have it in a lovely Pagan version by Mother Tongue (on This Winter's Night).

  54. I love all the blues . . . but I use #796 the most! My favorite patterns are the Dutch-Russian ones . . . I use the love birds CONSTANTLY! I love almost ALL Christmas carols . . . I guess my favorite one is whatever is playing right now! (As long as it's not The Carpenters!) Thanks for the giveaway . . . you are too sweet!

  55. I'd love to be put in the drawing for this giveaway. It does look like a great book - and your sugar skull stitching looks fabulous! My favourite dmc floss colour is 604, which is sort of odd because I always seem to buy purples and blues in variagated threads. My favourite sublime stitching pattern is the "under the sea", because I love mermaids and this reminds me of a book I had as a child called "sea greenie and pearl pinkie" - about water sprites. My favourite Christmas carol....can I name an Aussie one? It's called "carol of the birds" Here's the link to the words - it's beautiful.

  56. 1) Right now I'm into dusty rose shades. Something like number 778.

    2) Hard to choose but I really like Forest Friends!

    3) Depends on the mood, but Sylvian joululaulu is an all-time favourite. It's a Finnish song and tells a story of a bird. At winter time, the bird flies to the south and the lyrics describe the wonders of this far away country. But the bird always returns, as she misses and loves her homeland so much.

  57. 1) DMC 902

    2) The Black Apple series/set and I'm really wanting the new Christmas Time set.

    3) A classic like Silent Night...right now I'm liking Sugarland's version of it.

  58. I'm supposed to pick one of each? Fine make it hard. lol

    1. 924 - I'm in my Blue Period

    2. Christmas Time is today's favorite - the reindeer is killing me

    3. Silver Bells - because sometimes I go against type and love the sentimental

  59. i am a blues girl so love 996.

    we are an interfaith family and i already embroidered ornaments as gifts so would love to get the new jewish symbols pack - the jewish star is lovely.

    favourite christmas carol? any on my Neil Diamond Christmas CD (i hate that i love him but i do and even more that this legendary Jewish performer has done an awesome job with Christmas music!)

    so i guess this is my big interfaith blog answer LOL

  60. 1. My current favorite floss is number 3848 - it's a lovely but deep sea green that reminds me of the color I painted my walls. The walls I'm going to miss very much when I move out of my apartment in January.

    2) I don't have a favorite Sublime Stitching pattern! I wish that I did, but I have actually never stitched one yet! I can't decide which one to start with, either.

    3) I'm really really fond of christmas carols in general - I guess my favorite isn't really a carol so much as a song - "Breath of Heaven", sung by Amy Grant...

  61. i love 3813 and 531

    emily martin is my favorite artist, so naturally i love the black apple patterns.

    i'll be home for christmas makes me cry every time.

  62. Well, my favorite DMC color is 3766 which goes oh-so-nicely with my favorite Jenny Hart patterns, Under The Sea.

    As for Christmas carols, I'll take anything from the John Denver and the Muppets album.

  63. ohhh, that book looks awesome!

    but i can never choose just ONE favorite!
    let's see...

    1) my favorite DMC colours are, 321 for redwork, and 52 because I'm a sucker for purple.

    2) favorite sublime stitching pattern, gnomes and fairies (its the mushrooms! eee!) i love veggies, and under the sea.

    3) Christmas carols would be white Christmas, rocking around the Christmas tree, Ukrainian bell carol, and vest of all: peace on earth/little drummer boy by David Bowie and Bing Crosby!

    :: fingers crossed ::

  64. I love the chandelier -- the stitches look like little jewels!

    Favorite color -- 333, a beautiful purply blue (the only way I like blue).

    Favorite pattern -- the sexy librarian, because that's what I am (ha!), or will be, when I finish my degree.

    Favorite carol -- We Three Kings, because Christmas does not end until the night of January 5 when the Three Kings come and leave little presents for everyone.

  65. I love #112, I love being able to do satin stitch and have it change colors, and I love pink! My favorite pattern is Krazy Kitchen, too cute, I love appliances with character. Lastly, my favorite carol is Deck the Halls, it's my favorite thing to do at Christmas.

  66. 1. one of my faves is 598
    2. The Black Apple is a great pattern set
    2. Sleigh Ride sung by Ella Fitzgerald

  67. My favorite color is #907 and my favorite pattern is the chinese acrobats. They are pretty cute! I love old Christmas carols but my favorite would have to be O Holy Night. Thanks for sharing!

  68. So cool that you were part of this great book! Congrats! I love purples, especially eggplant like DMC 550 and I love the Forest Friends patterns. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing is my fav Christmas song of all time.
    Happy holidays!
    Jessica D.

  69. 1)dmc 820, a gorgeous, deep cobalt blue

    2) that's a toughie, but i love "dutch-russian" and "vital organs"

    3) "children, go where i send thee," or anything from "a christmas together" w/ john denver and the muppets

  70. DMC 703 is my favorite. I never thought green would be my fave, but here we are.

    Tattoo your towel is my fave Sublime Stitching pattern. I have used it for so many things.

    I love "baby it's cold outside," although maybe not Christmas-y, it is winter-y. ;)

  71. 906 - green

    Meaty Treats - Sublime stitching (hilarious!)

    Hmm, as for Christmas carol - Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

  72. 1) I love #704- So cheery and Springy!

    2) Do I really have to choose just one? I have used both "I Luv Veggies" and "Spaced Out" a ton!!!

    3) I love "O Holy Night."

  73. Ooh, I love Sublime Stitching!

    I'm a green kind of girl, so that lovely tree-ish no 699 is right up my alley.

    I always wanted to be a Sexy Librarian - that's definitely my fave pattern!

    Whenever I hear "God rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", I can't help but hear my little brother's 5 year old voice struggling to reach the high notes. Means it must be Christmas :)


  74. i love the green of 472...fav pattern black apple...fav christmas song is frosty as sung by harry connick jr!

  75. 988 moss green and om sweet om are my faves. jingle bells is a favourite with my kids as they like to modify the lyrics to insanity.

  76. 4230 ia a varigated blue.Any blue an aquas. I love the Craftopia.
    to hard to choose.
    and carol would have to be "santa wear your shorts" Its a typical Aussie one.

  77. 1. color 115
    2. Sexy Librarian
    3. Silent Night. (it's pretty in ASL)

  78. 3804 is the colour I used last so that is my favourite right now. An awesome magenta.

    The sugar skulls are my favourite. I'm going to surprise my Mexican SIL next year for day of the dead.

    And, I could probably pick a favourite christmas carol if I ever heard any. I don't hear them much here in Oz.


  79. Oooh this book is now on my wishlist!

    1) Fav. color: 3846
    2) I love all the artist series...Emily Martin's the best
    3) Fav Christmas Carol is Sleigh Ride....and Relient K's version is the best^___^

  80. 1)I love any shade of pink or purple! but green/blues are awesome! how can you choose your favorite color of the rainbow??

    2)Well, I am no jewish, but that dreidel is one of the cutest things ever! Being a huge animal lover, Forest Friends is my favorites!

    3)Silent Night! Now if I could only sing well, I would be happy!

  81. Favorite floss color? 507 :o)
    Favorite Sublime Stitching pattern? Kurt Hasley
    Favorite Christmas Carol? We Wish You a Merry Christmas (I just associate this with Christmas carolers).

    I have browsed through this book before but don't have the finances to purchase.

  82. Yay! I was going to buy Embroidered Effects when I drove 4 hours to attend one of Jenny's classes recently but she was sold out :( Well my favorite floss right now is any from the Sublime Stitching Metallic pack, and I love the Forest Friends pattern. I'm not much for Christmas carols but I do love Blue Christmas by Elvis!

  83. 1) I'm loving 606, a nice orangey-red.
    2) Bon Voyage for my love of travel
    3) I love all Christmas carols, but the Kenny Rogers Christmas cd is the one absolute requirement for the holiday season for me.

  84. 1. It's hard to have a favourite floss colour - the more you have, the better they look! I really like the pale ones though, like ECRU.
    2. I am a scientist with an Anatomy Masters, so Vital Organs is definately my favourite SS pattern!
    3. I generally loathe Christmas carols, especially when they start playing in shopping malls in OCTOBER! But I do like "Snoopy's Christmas"

  85. 1)311

    2) Dutch-Russian

    3) Josh Groban's Believe.

  86. I think my favorites are:
    1)#99 - Pink! Love it.
    2)Rock 'n' Roll is my favorite pattern.
    3)No carols for me, sorry.

    I love the Sublime Stitching books! I really want this new one!!
    Great job!

  87. Being asked to do that must be the holy grail of embroidery! My favourite colour is 321 because I love redwork but I also love Anchor 1335 because it's rainbow coloured. My favourite SS pattern is the Kurt Halsey one but in 2 years of owning it I have never stitched it! And Christmas carols piss me off because I can NEVR stop humming them.

  88. Looks like a great book!

    1. Definitely in the greens category. I love #907 right now! :)
    2.) Those vintage lamps are way too cute!
    3. Drummer Boy - the one sung by David Bowie

  89. ACK!! Bookmarking that colourlist RIGHT NOW.

    1) I've just stitched something in 3848 - I'm pretty predictable about loving those bluey greens and greeny blues.
    2) I've been eyeing off the roaring twenteis for some time now. Haven't bought it yet, but I think it will be mine soon... oh, yes... soon.
    3) What about Santa Baby by Marilyn? Otherwise I love all the old old ones, especially sung in harmonies - I've got the Blind Boys of Alabama CD and was cranking 'Joy to the World' the other day. So beautiful.

    I'm internationl, btw!

  90. 807 - we painted our living room this color & I love it.

    Camp Out!

    I can never choose just one carol - Baby It's Cold Outside, Jack Johnson's Rudolph, the Barenaked Ladies/Sarah Mclachlan version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman are a few.

  91. 1) Just one?!?! 3746 is my current fave.
    2) Under the Sea is probably my favorite.
    3) Favorite of all time: Carol of the Bells.
    Yay! Gracias!!!

  92. I've flipped through the book in the store and have been amazed with the craft and technique in each project. Great job!

    1)550 - royal purple (well, anything jewel tone, but especially purple) is my fav.

    2)I'm a librarian, so I have to go with Sexy Librarian.

    3)Well, not a carol, but it's a Christmas song - Fairytale of New York, originally by the Pogues, but covered by Pilate.

  93. What a wonderfully Christmasy giveaway!

    My favorites are highly changeable, so these are just for the moment:

    1. Fave color? 820 -- the lovely deep blue. I like combining it with a shiny silver floss I have on...
    2. My fave pattern -- the ornaments from Winterland. I recently made a whole collection of cocktail napkins with these patterns for my Secret Santa. While listening to...
    3. My fave Christmas songs -- which lately are any of the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas songs. And Ella Fitzgerald's version of "Sleigh Ride".

  94. I love that chandelier!

    1. Favorite color: 321, the red I use the most
    2. Favorite pattern: Lisa Petrucci
    3. Favorite Xmas carol: Jingle Bells to sing, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas to listen to (either by Judy Garland or Chrissie Hynde)

  95. I stumbled upon this blog a few months ago and am absolutely inspired every time a picture is posted. Thank you so much for sharing your love of embroidery!!

    1. Favorite DMC Floss color of the moment is 995. I adore the richness and saturation of this blue!

    2. Favorite Sublime Pattern - really just one? Ok, I guess I'll pick the Julie West Artist Series #3. I don't even know what half of those things are supposed to be, but I just adore the campiness of it all!

    3. Favorite Christmas Carol - this year it's Carol of the Bells.

  96. 1) 844, which is a dark grey. It's a really cool smokey, gunmetal color, and I'm using it for a truly fantastic project that is in its later stages. You'll see in the Flickr group soon. =D

    2) I love the kickin' ladies in the Roaring Twenties pattern pack.

    3) I don't really like Christmas Carols, but "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" by John Lennon always warms the icy cold cockles of my heart.

  97. My favorite DMC color is 3766, it's like a darker tiffany blue. So pretty! My favorite Sublime pattern is a toss up between Black Apple and Vital Organs, very different, but both awesome. And my favorite Christmas song is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sung by Judy Garland. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  98. 1. 3843 - the happiest blue in my eyes.

    2. Black Apple - since I saw Amanda's version on Flickr.

    3. Silent Night - since I'm living in Salzburg, Europe, near to Grodig where this song was born.

  99. 1. 909 Green is my favorite color. 909 is the color of my brand new winter court!

    2. Gnomes and Fairies I have huge fairy fetish, but not in the super sick sense.

    3. Carols of the Bells is my favorite carol. There are so many hauntingly beautiful versions of this song. i also love singing it as part of an a cappella choir.

  100. I LOOOOVEEE the new SS book. Although I have yet to purchase it *sigh* I'm hoping that this contest will bring me what I want for Christmas :)

    1) Fav colour of DMC is beyond tough. Right now I would have to say DMC-3350

    2) Fav pattern from SS has to be Chinatown!!!!!

    3) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...(although I dont want it to snow...hate the stuff BUT like the song)

  101. Congrats and thanks for the opportunity to play!

    445 Yellow

    To choose only hard, but I have to go with Black Apple

    Little drummer boy.

  102. 1. 907 love that green
    2. Winterland
    3. Baby It's Cold Outside

    Thanks for including us across the ocean.

  103. 3843 --- A bright and complex blue

    Dia de los Muertos! For sugar skulls the VM (Virgin Mary) and Halloween.

    And "good king wenceslas" cause it's stuck in my head.

  104. 1) 3846 (I love turqoise)

    2) I can't pick a favorite, but I recently bought "Christmas Time"

    3) Hard to choose. I like the non-traditional ones like Mele Kalikimaka.

  105. Oh I would love the book. My favorite DMC color. That is a tough one. Black or white. Just cant do much without them.

    I did not get to see the book yet. But I know it must be great. I would love to try any pattern there.

    Away in the Manger. :)

  106. It´s so hard to choose just one favorite color (as well as just one favorite Sublime pattern...), but I´ll try, for the sake of this awesome PRIZE!!! rsrsrrs
    - color: 518 - I love blue!
    - pattern: Black Apple
    - Christmas Carol: I don´t no any title to tell (I know some songs, of course, but not the names...) as here in Brazil it´s not so usual as in the USA.
    P.S.: I L.O.V.E Feeling Stitchy!!

  107. I love love love love Sublime Stitching. Crossing my fingers...

    (1) 726 - It's an essential and I always run out!

    (2) It's got to be Camp Out. I used it to embroider my camping pillowcases and it's so cute!

    (3) Carol of the Bells. Gorgeous.

  108. oooh...probably 827, although I love all the softer blues! I'm also loving Emily Martin/The Black Apple's set - they're so quaint and I have plans for them!

    I adore Little Donkey - not sure if you have that one in the States though?

  109. it would be a christmas miracle to own a copy of this book. i have seen the reviews and a few samples and was amazed at the ideas!

    my favorite christmas song would be i'll be home for christmas if only in my dreams

  110. 1) I love the blues -- I have lots of #995
    2) I like to think of myself as a sexy librarian -- so I'll stitch some too. :)
    3) I love the SNL skit "The Dysfunctional Family Christmas" --

  111. Hi! I would like this book more than any other book in the world - but I can't afford it as I am currently saving up to buy tickets to the US for a surprise anniversary present! Anyhoo...

    1) 3844 Bright Turquoise! Fab!

    2) Lucha Libre!

    3) My favourite Christmas carol is called 'The Friendly Beasts' and it's great, really wonderfully bonkers in that Christmas way - 'I said the dove, from rafters high, I cooed him to sleep so he would not cry!' It's all about how animals helped the baby Jesus. So cute.

  112. I love color 742.
    I love the owls on the baby bib kit.
    I don't celebrate Xmas but I love God Rest Ye Marry Gentlemen.

  113. 1. All pinks--today we'll say #818.
    2. Dutch-Russian. Never tire of matryshkas.
    3. Run, Rudolph, Run. Rockin'!

  114. My favorite color is 3839, the periwinkle blue. I love almost all the purple/blue colors, but that is my fav.

    My favorite pattern is her robot, but I'm fond of all the space-age sci-fi patterns that she has.

    I love novelty Christmas songs, so it's a tie between "Grandma got runover by a reindeer", or "The Night Santa went Crazy" by Weird Al.

    Thank you for giving away such an awesome book. I have her first book, Sublime Stitching, and I love it. Embroidery is a new hobby for me, I just picked it up this year. I am having a ball, learning new stitches and finding new projects.

  115. I love the lighter greens, like 3817. The stitch patterns are all amazing! I love the Black Apple ones, her artwork is so unique and whimsical. Favorite song: Anything by Bing Crosby.

  116. 973- goldish looking and very pretty!

    "Sexy librarians!" No competition:)

    O Holy Night.

    I'm relatively new into this stitching scene and would just LOVE a copy of this book! Congrats on being featured in it!:)

  117. Awesome!
    My favourite color is 704. I've just finished a cross stitch embroidery that I had completely forgotten for more than 10 years in an old basket. The theme is kitchen ware and was surrounded by a pink stitched ribbon. I changed the color to green and have made it in 704...
    My fav Sublime Stitching pattern must be the Tattoo alphabet which I plan to use on my little boy's pouch.
    My favourite Carol is "L'as-tu vu, le petit bonhomme au chapeau pointu" that my son sings for Christmas ;)
    Thanks a lot!
    Carole, Paris, France

  118. My favorite floss color is 666 Red. I think it's very funny that they gave it thta number.
    My favorite Sublime Stitching pattern is the set designed by Emily of the Black Apple
    My favorite Christmas carol is Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer (you can stitch his nose with that 666)
    murielvanderploeg at planet dot nl

  119. I would love, love, love to have the book. Just getting back into embroidery and having so much fun.
    815 - red, always need a good red.
    Carson Ellis - Bicycle
    I like "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"


  120. 3348 - such a lovely avocado color!

    I just love Dutch-Russian. See, I have a small obsession (okay maybe big, really big) with Matryoshka dolls.

    The Christmas Song. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.... I used to beg my mother to sing it to me every night before bed (yes, year-round, I might add).

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! And congratulations!! Your work is beautiful!

  121. How cool that you were able to stitch some of the patterns for the book! I love lavendar (341). I also have an addiction to greens, especially the grassy greens like 907. My favorite Sublime Stitching pattern is the Forest Friends one. That squirrel is just so adorable.

    As for carols, I adore Carol of the Bells. It can be so beautiful and eerie if it's sung well. Also, the Claymation version from a long time ago, with the bells hitting themselves with mallets, is a hilarious classic.

  122. Color 937 - I'm all about the greens!

    LOVE the Dutch Russian pattern set!

    Do They Know It's Christmas? by Band-Aid. Still makes me weep whenever I hear it.

  123. 445 yellow, reminds me of the sunshine!

    Subline Stitches camp out set!! soo cute!

    I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. The kids and I love to wrap presents and have hot cocoa to that song and dance around the living room..

    Happy Holidays!

  124. I love floss numbers 906 and 3838! My favorite carol is "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and my favorite Sublime Stitching pattern is Dutch-Russian.

  125. 1. Just one?! Really? Hrm. Okay, fine. 3834. Purple-y!

    2. Craftopia.

    3. White Christmas (even though, ironically, the cold makes me wince and I have intentionally chosen to live in a place where it does not snow)

  126. 1) my favourite colour (today, lol) would have to be 947
    2) internal organs, all the way
    3) almost all of them.. but "O Holy Night" comes to mind first

  127. 1. Blue 995! <3
    2. Kurt Hasley
    3. how about Christmas songs!? It'd be Fairytale of New York by the Pogues of course!!

  128. colorwise, give me a bluie and Im happy (3842 is especially nice!)

    At the moment my favorite patterns have got to be the Lucha Libre and the Country Cool <3

    My favorite holiday song is a classical song called 'Gaudette'. So gorgeous, sung by a choir. oof!

  129. What a great giveaway - would love this book. My favorite DMC floss is 498 as it is perfect for redwork embroidery. I love the Christmas Time pattern by Sublime Stitching. My favorite Christmas carol is White Christmas because I live in Texas and a white Christmas is only a dream here!! But then I can dream - right!

  130. I was so excited when we got this book into the bookstore when I work! I've been handselling it to any crafty type I talk to.

    My favorite floss color is 333 -- I can't seem to stay away from purple. I love Sublime Stitching's Forest Friends, for the hedgehog and squirrel! And my favorite Christmas carol is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  131. It's hard to pick a favorite floss color. I really like dark browns like DMC 938, and I tend to use those the most.

    I love a lot of the Sublime Stitching patterns. My current favorite that I have had my eye on and would like to try soon is the Tara McPharson series.

    I don't have a favorite Christmas carol.

  132. Great job on the book projects! And keeping the secret. :)

    349! I think that's it anyway. wish I had my thread with me.

    The christmas time patterns are my favorite new ones. but it's so hard to pick a fave!

    Oh Holy Night! Again...hard to choose one!

  133. I have this book on my christmas list! (Can I haave it?)

    I love dmc 3822 (pretty pale yellow); I'm a big fan of yellows. As far as Sublime, I'm torn between kurt halsey and unicorn believer.
    Hmm, christmas carol... probably "the christmas spell" sung by peggy lee. It's a beautiful song.

  134. 3041-Purple

    Roaring 20s could not have been more fun!

    My grown up Christmas list.

  135. Hi! thank you for doing this fun giveaway and congratulations on seeing your work in print!

    I'd say 959, light green is my favorite. so subtle!

    Swanky Decor is my favorite Jenny Hart design.

    Not a Christmas carol so much as a ballad: "White Christmas" has been on my mind with all of this snow in NY!

  136. # 304 red, that's the one that does it for me.
    I love embroidery, have for the past 40 some odd years.
    I would be thrilled to win.

  137. Great giveaway! As I just love embroidery I just have to enter this one!
    1. I adore greens! 906/907 are really nice.

    2. I love Russian nesting dolls!

    3. Not big fan of Christmas carols but stop every time near David Jones window to look at the decorations:)

  138. What a great giveaway and I love your beautiful stitching!

    1.) DMC 3819
    2.) Vital Organs
    3.) Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby'

  139. I am mad about the combination of navy blue (311), tangerine (741), and lime green (907). I can never just pick one :)

    Darling Dachshunds of course, in honor of my dachshund Casper.

    Its not a carol, but my favorite Christmas song this year is Someday at Christmas by Jack Johnson


  140. My favorite floss color is going to be the 909 Green. I have always loved the color green.

    My favorite Sublime Pattern is the Unicorn Believer set. I like the full bodied unicorn best of that set. Unicorns are just awesome.

    My favorite Christmas carol is Carol of the Bells. It doesn't really matter who is performing it-Trans Siberian Orchestra, Mannheim Steamroller, choirs, just music-I love that song. I call it the "scary" Christmas song.

    Good luck to everyone! :)

  141. 1) 726 - a nice sunny yellow
    2) the bicycle in the Carson Ellis Artist Series
    3) Little Drummer Boy

    YAY! Sounds like a great book!

  142. #3845 aqua!My favorite pattern is the forest friends, and my favorite christmas carol is "O Holy Night" :)

  143. Oh, I keep looking at this book and loving it (and hinting at it around my friends!) Currently my favorite floss color is DMC 3850; I just finished my friend's knitting needle roll in it. Fave pattern? Definitely the PinUps. Classy, wonderful, flirty, fiery, don't even begin to describe them! Favorite Christmas Carol? The bells are a great carol, but I have to break the rules and say the "Christmas Shoes" ballad is among my favorites, despite how sad it is. Thank you so much! Have a great day! <3 Frenchi

  144. Well, my favorite DMC floss must be red 666.I think I buy it the's a great Christmas red (I didn't asign the #!)
    My fave Sublime Stitcing pattern is deffinatly I Luv Veggies but if I was to buy another it would be Meaty Treats! Awesome!!(or maybe Woodland Friends!Cute!!)!

    Christmas carol...I really like King wenceslos(sp?)

  145. 1 ~ #4230 Crystal Water (is reminds me of the sky, rock and sea I live near)

    2 ~ The Black Apple (though is hard to pick just one)

    3 ~ Carol of the Bells

  146. 1. 962, and every other pink color
    2. Sexy Librarians, without a shadow of a doubt
    3. Santa Baby

    I hope I win...I've just started embroidering! Thanks for the giveaway!

  147. Any of the blue 820 colors!

    I love love love the Roaring 20's set from SS and I also love Silver Bells!

  148. Well, as I love red, my fav DMC is 817- the PERFECT red, in my humble opinion. And the best red to do the lipstick for the Sexy Librarians series from Sublime Stitching, which for so many reasons is my favorite, not least among them being the glorification of the reading woman. And, it's hard to choose, but my favorite Christmas song is "I'll Be Home for Christmas-" I love a good, sappy carol to get me in the spirit of the season...!

  149. My favorite dmc is 945, it's so neutral!

    I love the librarian/secretaries ones, I'm currently working on it. As an unemployed librarian, it keeps me busy!

    As for Christmas carols, I'll pass but I love Rose Thomas' song, "Why Can't It be Christmas All Year". so good.

  150. Oh I'm soo excited for another inspirational embroidery book and your work is gorgeous!

    My favourite colour: 906 (I adore green)

    My favourite pattern: Unicorn Believer

    My favourite Christmas Carol: Ding Dong Merrily on High (cause I used to be in all my School Choirs and sounds best in the round)

    Good luck to all and thank you very much!! Merry Yule xxx

  151. My favorite floss color? That's easy - 930, love it.
    I also love the Dia De Los Muertos pattern at Sublime Stitching because a friend made something for me using that pattern and it's one of my most treasured possesions.
    And favorite Christmas Carol? Hmmm...I just like the oldies (Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis) nothing that was recorded in the last 20 years will cut it with me :)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  152. I would love! Love! Love! this book... Here goes:
    Favourite floss:
    407 & 3782. I am using them together on a christmas project currently... they are dreamy and earthy at the same time.
    Favourite pattern:
    I like the Kurt Halsley Illustration and Vintage lamps
    Favourite Xmas Carol:
    Away in a Manger. Especially when you hear the little ones sing it, just like a heavenly choir.
    Here's to hoping!

  153. Yay, I'd love to participate!

    color: 3838

    pattern: Roaring Twenties

    song: "Santa Claus Came in the Spring" (Benny Goodman)

    Happy Stitching :)

  154. I love the variegated floss colors! I especially like to use them on flowers. Love the effect.

    Sublime's sugar skulls are my fave. Until I get a sugar skull tattoo, I'll have to settle for embroidered ones. Oooo... embroidered sugar skull tattoo... good thought!

    Does Jonathan Coulton's Chiron Beta Prime count as a Christmas song? Regardless, that's my favorite. =)

    Thank you Miss Stitchy!

  155. I'd have to go with #95. It just caught my eye. And for what pattern i like on sublime stitching...I'd have to say its a tie between Craftopia group and the Kurt Halsey group. I love the little birds.

    I haven't listened to christmas carols in a long time but I think O Holy Night has always been a favorite.


  156. 1) 550 purple but any purple or blue really

    2) Pin ups and panthers

    3) 'O come all ye faithful'

  157. 310 black. can't live without it. I do have the Sublime Stitching book...the rockets and aliens are quite nice. I could do without Xmas carols at the moment...I may be more in the mood when school gets out (middle-school teacher here).

  158. What a great giveaway!

    Currently my fave is DMC 321 aka Winnie the Pooh shirt red. My favorite pattern is Librarians (wearing a red dress of course!). And my favorite Christmas carol is Angels we have heard on high. Or maybe the Snoopy Song (Christmas Bells). Or Santa Baby. Too many to pick from!

  159. 959 Aqua color Love the retro vibe!

    Sublime "Swanky Decor"

    Favorite Christmas Carol- O Holy Night


  160. 817- Red
    and 3844-Aqua
    Love love those two...
    I've seen but never used the Sublime patterns- but I loooove them...too hard to pick just one though..
    Christmas Carol? hmmmm...probably "Baby It's Cold Outside"

  161. pink 818
    Bon Voyage
    I'll Be Home for Christmas

    Congratulations on your contribution to the book!

  162. I just found your site and I just started embroidering! I love it and your blog. Would you mind if I add you to my blogroll? I just posted a link to this post too. You can find it here:

    My favorite color so far is black (hides the mistakes!). I think the luchador masks are my favorite patterns. And I only recently accepted Christmas carols into my life. I think Jingle Bell Rock is my favorite. (Mean Girls, anyone?)

  163. My favorite Sublime pattern is Craftopia, gotta have some stitching in the stitching area. My favorite DMC color was harder to choose but I finally settled on 806. Favorite Christmas carol, Jingle Bells.

  164. This book is beautiful! what great projects and inspiration!
    1. turquoises...yummy.
    2. i love so many but my son LOVES the robots. I really should make him something with a robot on it b/c every time i look thru her store he shouts "robot".
    3. i love the sugar plum fairy song...mostly b/c my daughter does.

  165. Oh, what a lovely book and embroideries. I would love to have one, how generous of you to give it away.

    1) I like marbled colourful yarn so I say 114.

    2) Scooter Babe - for sure!! And I want to be a scooter babe.

    3) Hmm, I say silent night, but the swedish version(Stilla natt)

  166. 745 is such a sunny happy color...

    This time of year, my fave pattern would be (of course) the Christmas one. I love the string of lights!

    And I love What Child is This and Oh Come Emmanuel.

  167. Thanks for the contest! I 'd love to win a copy of that book :-)

    My favorite floss color is anything yellow.. so sunny and bright. Actually all embroidery thread is fun to look at isn't it?

    My favorite pattern is Kurt Halsey's artist series.. i LOVE it, but i'm also partial to the Our lady of guadalupe in the mexican one.
    christmas carol? hmmmm away in a manger gets stuck in my head all year (summer included), but I am also partial to the ever popular Jingle bells batman smells LOL (some people never grow up)

  168. Congratulations! I have been wanting this book every since I saw it, didn't knew you were involved!
    Of course my favorit is "600" and "Zombies and Monsters". I do not have a faborit christmas carol, but I do like to tease the bf with "Last christmas"...

  169. 1) It's gotta be lovely 333!
    2) Bon Voyage -- tres me at moment.
    3) Santa Claus is coming to town --because it is the only song that I remember all of the words to for some reason (honesetly) and as I have a three-year-old, it is perfect for keeping her on best behaviour!

  170. Wow, fun questions & interesting answers.

    1. I love the blue of 995
    2. Next on my list to buy of Sublime Stitching patterns is Sushi Bar
    3. Silent Night, especially a version I heard last year played on the harmonica.

  171. My favourite colour are the Glow in th dark threads, I have some cool projects in mind for them, but the only store I knew in Germany doesn't have it anymore. My favourite pattern is hard to pick because there is more than one, but I'll take Viva Las Vegas. My favourite Christmas carol is 12 days of christmas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  172. 1. 102, love the deep purples
    2. Tattoo Your Towels
    3. In The Bleak Mid Winter

  173. I've been lusting after this book since before it came out- congrats on being involved! I've been having fun lately with the colors around 806/807- dusty sorts of teals. I've been a Sublime Stitching fan for quite some time and still have a sweet spot for Tattoo Your Towels.

    How about a favorite Christmas album? Oi to the World, by the Vandals.


  174. I like the DMC 470, it is a pretty green.
    My favorite pattern is The Black Apple because I am in love with the ghost.
    And as far as carols go, I would have to say I would listen to the Willie Nelson Christmas album. I heart me some Willie:)

  175. OK, the floss color one is tough--looking at that color chart and making a snap judgment, though, I really like 3844.

    My favorite that I own already is the Dutch/Russian, but I'm enchanted by Under the Sea--it may well be my next purchase.

    And as far as Christmas carols go, does "Baby It's Cold Outside" count? I mean I know technically it's a winter song and not a holiday song, but whatevs.

  176. Floss color: 666. I think someone at DMC had a sense of humor

    Pattern: I love the xmas ornaments on the xmas/winter pack.

    Song: Feliz Navidad

  177. I love 666 red - fro the coulour, and for the name. I mean, come on!

    My favourite sublime stitching pattern is the sexy librarians; as a librarian myself, I feel it is a very worthwhile stereotype!

    And my favourite christmas carol is "christmas where the gum trees grow". Deeply cheesy, but full of childhood memories :)

  178. I love the color 552 DMC Thread.
    I like the Sublime "Garden Variety"
    I like Santa Baby

  179. Favourite colour: 902
    Favourite pattern: Pirates Ahoy!
    Favourite carol: silent night

  180. 115! I adore the multi-colors. :) (Although my local store says they will no longer be stocking them!)

    Jenny's Sushi patterns! Yay sushi!

    And I love 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen'

  181. 1 - I love 553, it's a really gorgeous purple colour.

    2. I love Sublime's Black Apple designer set best. A close second goes to the Russian Doll set.

    3. My favourite xmas carol has to be Jingle Bells mainly because it's the only one I can sing along to confidently because I know all the words!

  182. My favorite color is purple but I use mostly Christmas colors for gifts and pink too! I'd have to choose the craftopia line-there's so many awesome ones though!! And I listen to all the Christmas songs on the radio the minute they start playing them (although the Hippo song from my childhood brings make wonderful memories!!) Merry, Merry Christmas to y'all all!

  183. Conas atá tú?
    Greetings from the Emerald Isle :)

    I love 125- I try to use it to stitch the reciprients name on the back of all sorts of various presents!

    I'm feeling the Dutch-Russian patterns.

    And Silent Night is just so beautiful.

    [White Christmas always gets me in a 'sewing-for-christmas' mood though!]

    I love your blog by the way-have been following it since I started stitching as a serious past time =]
    thank you for inspiration (and recognition of the many fine stitchers out there).

    Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas, and the health to enjoy it with people they love.

  184. favourite floss color would all shades of Orange! I can never keep my hands...or rather...needle off them.

    Haven't tried many of Ms. Hart's patterns, primarily because I haven't seen her books being sold in India. But I love "Pretty in Punk", which is my next project. And I am looking forward to exploring many of her patterns.

    Again, no favourite Christmas Carol because our family celebrates different sets of festivals in India. But I always loved "Silent Night" when I was in school. Does that count?

  185. 1. My Favorite color floss is 3340 which is a beautiful coral color.

    2. I can't choose between beach babes and om sweet om for my favorite Sublime Stiting pattern.

    3. My favorite christmas carols are White Christmas by Bing Crosby, Happy Christmas by John Lennon and Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt.

  186. Lately I'm really loving the combo of DMC# 3685(a purpley red), 5507(purple), 726 (yellow),and 824(blue) together. I'm working on a scarf with them right now.

  187. What a fun book that looks to be!

    As for your questions:

    1. the 102 variegated purple has been my favourite for as long as I can remember. It's just do rich and deep looking

    2. My favourite Sublime stitching pattern is the new Tara McPherson Artist Series patterns. I was delighted to see that she had put out embroidery patterns as I have been a fan of her work for som time now.

    3. To tell the truth I actually mutch prefer tradional Jewish holiday music to christmas carols because of how klesmery it tends to be, but if I had to pick a favourite Christmas song it would have to be "the island of misfit toys". (does that even count as a Christmas song?)

  188. 1) 334- A pretty gray-blue

    2) I can only pick one?! I do like the Tara McPherson artist series

    3) Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses

  189. Favorite DMC color: 3607
    (Thanks for the chart! I generally pay no attention to the numbers.)
    Favorite Sublime Stitching pattern: Definitely the Sexy Librarians set.
    Favorite Christmas carol: I love "In the Bleak Midwinter," especially James Taylor's version.

  190. 310 is my favorite dmc floss. I love black and it is the most useful color ever.

    I love "I Luv Veggies" it makes me smile for no reason.

    And finally, I worked in retail during the holidays a few years ago and now I can't stand any kind of festive music. :P

  191. oh, so beautiful!!
    1- not sure the # but anything variegated. i love the switching of colors to make things a bit more interesting.
    2- do i really have to choose a favorite pattern? that is too hard.
    3-any song sang by karen carpenter :)

  192. I love 803 Dark Blue.

    I love Meaty Treas.

    Favorite carol? Silent Night. :)

  193. I really love 3818, green is the best color ever.

    My favorite Sublime patterns are the Jim Woodring Artist Series, hoping to use them soon as I've just gotten started with embroidery.

    I get sick of Christmas songs pretty quickly, but Jingle Bell Rock and the Chipmunks Christmas Song ("want a plane that loops the loop . . .) can put a smile on my face any time of year.

  194. I've been a bit obsessed with the book for about a month since it arrived on my doorstep.

    My favorite floss color would be 893, which is a corally pink. I've never been a big fan of pink, but this is gorgeous and I am always finding a way to incorporate it into projects!

    Favorite pattern - the veggies was the first one I bought like 5 years ago, so they have a special place in my heart! I've come to love to many though!

    Christmas carols! I love them! A family favorite would be "Christmas Tree" by Walter Schuman. It's a gem from the 50's that makes us all laugh every Christmas season! Fun times! I love so many though! Rudolph is a classic!

  195. Oooh - great giveaway!

    Favorite color - I want to say all of them, but I always seem to be out of 321.

    Favorite pattern - I'm really excited about the Tara McPherson - we have a couple of posters of hers hanging up in our house. I like the Day of the Dead themed patterns a lot (I'm from the Southwest), and the body parts.

    Favorite Christmas Carol - "Little Drummer Boy" as sung by Bing Crosby and David Bowie.

  196. 1) My favorite floss color...oh man. I'm a huge fan of all of anything purple, especially number 3746
    2) I love the sexy librarian pattern. I'm going to grad school for library sciences, I think it'd be awesome to stitch something from this pattern on a cardigan and wear it to work.
    3) I don't really like Christmas Carols...but I do love "Last Christmas" by Wham.

  197. wow! that is a dream job.

    1) My favorite floss color (of the moment)is 107 --- sometimes referred to as variegated carnation. I am a big fan of variegated threads to add a bit of subtle something.
    2) Myfavorite Sublime Stitching pattern (again at the moment) - chinatown
    3) not big Christmas carol fan

  198. Ooh, congratulations on the book!


    It's gotta be a toss-up between 902 and 550. Mmmm... deep dark tones.

    Gotta be the forest friends pattern, because I really am that much of a hippy!

    And really cannot stand Christmas carols I'm afraid. Bleh!

  199. Ok, favorite color is really hard. Maybe impossible to answer. I gravitate towards blues and greens and I go through a lot of cream and dark brown (which I use instead of black), to balance the bright colors.

    The Sublime Stitching site is down right now, so I can't choose a pattern. I tend not to use other people's patterns and just make my own stuff up as I go along. I do love all the pin-up girls, though, and Jenny Hart's own work is AMAZING. I aspire to do work that grand.

    As far as carols go, I love the Hallelujah Chorus as sung by the Roches, and Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt.

  200. Thanks so much for the Giveaway!
    1) I keep going back to 747 - a light light blue that just seems to glow when stitched on darker fabric.
    2) So hard to decide! I guess The Black Apple series or the outer space series.
    3) I really like "Christmastime" by the Smashing Pumpkins!