December 17, 2009

Um, awesome?

doodling with stiches
Stitched by fionabearclaw

You know, Ms. fionabearclaw - your stitching rocks!

By the way, have you guys watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox? Totally worth a watch!


  1. That is amazing, just gorgeous work!!!

  2. Oh, yes. Most DEFINITELY awesome!

  3. Such great texture and depth. Nicely done!

  4. this guys is SO cute... I am pretty sure he's smiling at me! ;)

  5. This is so pretty. Thanks for posting this, I can't get classes so for me embroidery is a matter of trial and error and stitching feathers or fur is challenging!

    I posted a last minute holiday gift idea and PDF on my site. Have a great Holiday Season!

  6. I love this, is it beautifully done.

  7. thank you feeling stitchy (best blog ever)! and ya'll are far too kind.
    i stitched this before i saw fantastic but i'm very happy the connection was made. the movie is incredibly well done, totally worth the watch.

    in fact it inspired some impossible scheming of stop motion EMBROIDERY. haha, now that is ambitious.