September 26, 2014

Knitting and Stitching Show... giveaway!

Hi everyone - I have some very exciting news for you very lucky UK readers! We are doing a giveaway of free tickets to The Knitting and Stitching Show  Oct. 8 - 12 in London!

Folding materials

Just looking over the schedule - there is so much to see and do there, and literally hundreds of hands-on workshops where you can learn new crafting skills!

We were given a pass so that our very own Jo, can attend as well - maybe you'll run into her when you're there! By the way, all of these wonderful photos were provided by The Knitting and Stitching Show.

Graduate s

More details on the show:
The Knitting and Stitching Show takes place at Alexandra Palace.

Wednesday 8 Oct – 10am – 5.30pm
Thursday 9 Oct – 10am – 7pm
Friday 10 and Saturday 11 Oct - 10am – 5.30pm
Sunday 12 Oct – 10am – 5pm

Tickets prices – Adult: £16 on the door (£13.00 in advance); Children £7 on the door (£6 in advance)
Visit for more details.

Pretty Fabric 2 prima workshop2
JOB1778W0094 Sewing Rooms I

And now for the good stuff - the Knitting and Stitching show is giving away of 5 free pairs of tickets for all day Wednesday, Thursday 3-7pm and all day Sunday!

Stitch and Sew_M0676

To enter this giveaway - email mail@twistedthread, put K&S Ticket Giveaway on Feeling Stitchy in the subject line and include your full name, email address and full postal address. The giveaway will be open through Monday, 9/29/14.

Thank you to the wonderful people at The Knitting and Stitching Show for making this giveaway possible!

Whether you are in the neighborhood of London or not, just for kicks - what do you think you'd attend at The Knitting and Stitching Show? I'd hit a basic sewing class and camp out in the tea rooms!

September 24, 2014

Fun of the Fair giveaway!

Here at Feeling Stitchy we were lucky enough to be given a copy of Fun of the Fair by Melanie McNeice to review. Fun of the Fair features five different animal soft toys; a pony, elephant, lion, seal and monkey and the instructions for each are very comprehensive with good, detailed diagrams. The patterns are ideal for bright, colourful fabrics and the design of the toys is particularly good, I think, for young children, with the alternative suggestions on what to do instead of using buttons. I also liked how the toys could be styled in multiple ways, depending on the child you're giving the toy to.

Photo from Fun of the Fair by Melanie McNeice

I would say that the book is ideal for an intermediate sewer or perhaps a beginner up for a challenge. I had a go at making the elephants (I made a daddy, mummy and baby elephant, as there are two different size patterns) and although I've made quite a few soft toys in the past, I think I may have been staying well within my comfort zone because these elephants took me out of it!

And although I'm not totally happy with the result, that was absolutely down to me and not the book. I've definitely learnt new stuff to make these, thanks to the book's tuition and I'm eager to make more!

So a big thank you to Stitch, Craft, Create for letting us have a look at this book and an extra big thank you as they would also like to give away a copy of Fun of the Fair to one of our readers. The giveaway is open internationally and to be in with a chance please leave a comment below saying which Fun of the Fair animal you'd like to make first; a pony, elephant, lion, seal or monkey. The giveaway is open until 1200 GMT 1st October 2014. Good luck!

And if you would like to follow the rest of the Fun of the Fair blog hop, you can find the rest of the dates and links here!

September 19, 2014

Colour Complements Threads Test-drive


closeup Colour Complements threads

Remember the Colour Complements giveaway we did recently?

Well, Lorraine was sweet enough to send some threads my way so I could experience their loveliness for myself! Here they are, in all their multicolored glory on my much-used ironing board. :)

slightly better photo of my Colour Complements threads

I chose a favorite from the shades, #57, and sat down with the wonderful free pattern we shared a few weeks ago:

a little stitching in the works!

I chose Size #8 pearl cotton, which is comparable to 2 strands of embroidery floss, as you can see in this picture:

with 2 strands of floss for comparison

By the way, there's a trick to using threads that are wound in a hank, like pearl cotton - I made a terrible tangled mess when I just lazily pulled the thread from its hank.

Check out this helpful tip on the DMC site on cutting your pearl cotton threads before stitching, to avoid my mistake. :)

Here's a glimpse of the lovely range of color in one length of thread:

example strand

I tried out 3 different stitches on the lettering, chain stitch (top), back stitch (middle), split stitch (bottom):

3 stitches

My favorite stitch with this thread is back stitch - it shows the color changes very nicely.

Here's my finished stitching! Thanks again to Colour Complements for the lovely thread and Ortal for the pattern: get the free pattern here.


September 17, 2014

Nell Burns Thread Bowl

Nell Burns is amazing. This bowl is hauntingly beautiful. It is made up entirely of layers of stitches on water soluble fabric. The fabric is washed away and the threads are left. This is just one of the amazing pieces of art she has created. Is it wrong that I want to dive into one of her beautiful structures?

September 10, 2014

Personalized Pencil Case

School is back in full swing and hopefully you have the majority of your school supplies. If you are still looking for an awesome pencil case why not get inspired by the one Alex stitched up. She used an embroidery pattern from the great Alison Glass and then gave it her own little twist. It turned out beautiful. Wouldn't this be great for keeping your floss in? You can can look at Alison's patterns on her site. 

September 3, 2014

September Hoopla Along

I can't believe September is already here. It seems like yesterday we were just starting the summer and now we are heading into fall. I am excited for the new month because it means a new stitch along on This month's theme is Home Sweet Home. The details are below:

They say, "home is where the heart is," so why not prove it with this month's theme, Home Sweet Home. Stitch up anything related to your home. It can be a quote,  a piece of furniture, or maybe a sampler. It could even be your dog's house or a dream castle. It doesn't matter-just anything home related! 

You have until September 30, 2014 to be eligible for random drawing

This month's prize is: 20.00 JoAnn's card

You do have to be a member of Craftster to be eligible, but it is super easy to get an account set up. Come on over and enjoy the fun! Check out more Hoopla Alongs HERE.

August 29, 2014

You Inspire Me, Free pattern and Guest tutorial

Hello all, I have a wonderful free embroidery pattern and guest tutorial to share with you today! Ortal wrote to us and asked if we'd like to share her work, and we were delighted to, it is just gorgeous!

I have made this embroidery as a gift to a close friend, Esti.
Esti, truly a positive thinker, is quite the opposite of me :). The sentence in the embroidery came to me after a meeting with her, expressing what she makes me feel.

I'm attaching the free pattern for personal use.
Find those who inspire you...

Download: Free pattern | Stitch guide

I have also prepared a tutorial for transferring patterns to fabric using a Laser printer and freezer paper below.

How to transfer the pattern to your fabric:







Feel free to contact me with questions:
beautifulground1 AT gmail DOT com


Thank you so much, Ortal, for sharing your wonderful pattern and tutorial with our readers!

August 26, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

I recently purchased a new pair of embroidery scissors that came with a not-so-cute case from the manufacturer. Because these scissors are a bright red, I felt that they deserved a bright and colorful case or sheath to protect them from getting scratched or damaged when not in use. There are some really amazing embroidery scissor cases available out in the world, but I decided to make my own out of felt, and I am sharing the tutorial with you here.

To make your own embroidered scissor case/sheath you will need:

- felt in assorted colors
- embroidery supplies (floss, scissors, needles)
- pinking shears or decorative scissors

Felt is a fabric that holds its shape very well, so a hoop is not necessary.

Step One: Pick a felt color for the body of the sheath or case. I decided on a grey wool felt so that the colors would show up and really pop. 

Step Two: Use your scissors as a guide and cut an oval or egg shape around the scissors out of two pieces of felt. I trimmed the felt at 0.5 inches away around the handles and 1 inch away from the blades. From top to bottom the felt is 5.5 inches, at the widest mark it is 3.5 inches and it tapers down to about 1.5 inches at the bottom point or edge. Your scissors might be smaller or larger than the ones shown here, follow their length and width as a guide when cutting your felt. 

Step Three: Once the felt is cut, trim around the edges of both felt pieces using pinking shears or scissors with decorative blades. I have scalloped pinking shears, which I used here. 

Step Four: Take one of the felt pieces and fold the top edge over 1.5 inches. 

Use a running stitch to tack it down. 

Step Five: Cut 5 tear drop shapes out of felt pieces in the colors of your choice, plus two more in green. I cut out a few pieces before deciding on a color I would want as a flower. 

Step Six: Once you have decided on a flower petal color, thread your needle with a contrasting color, and use a running stitch to attach the petals just below the folded top.

Step Seven: Add french knots or a small felt circle for the center of the flower. Use a backstitch to attach the green leaves to the felt, just off center of the flower. (Please see photo in next step for the green leaves with a backstitch). 

Step Eight:  Place this folded and stitched piece of felt on top of the blank piece of felt. Thread a needle with a different contrasting floss color. Pull the needle and floss in between the two pieces of felt to hide the knot in between them. Use a running stitch to attach both pieces of felt together. Work your way around the whole case or sheath and hide the knotted end in between the front and back pieces of felt, as you did in the beginning. 

Step Nine: Place the scissors in their new sheath/case, and they are ready for stitching, or will at least look cute when not in use!

Hope you enjoy and have a great Tuesday!

Winner of the Sew Cute To Cuddle giveaway!

Just a quick note to announce our random winner in the Sew Cute To Cuddle giveaway!

Congratulations, Machelle!

Oh my gosh! that hippo screams with cuteness! It is darling. What a great book! This Hippo tops my list as the project I would like to make 1st...LOL! Then I thing I would have to make the owl for my adult daughter. these look like they would ALL be fun to make. Yep, definitely hippo would be the one I would start with....

Thank you to the publisher for sending us a review book, including us in the Sew Cute To Cuddle blog hop and making this wonderful giveaway possible!

August 23, 2014

Sew Cute To Cuddle Giveaway!

Hello ladies and gentlemen - if you are here for the Sew Cute To Cuddle blog hop, welcome! Today I'll be reviewing Sew Cute To Cuddle by Mariska Vos-Bolman, and it is a pleasure to do so! The nice people at Stitch Craft Create sent us a PDF copy of the book to review and they will also be sending 1 copy of this book to one lucky Feeling Stitchy reader!

Let's be clear that I am crafty but not of the sewing variety, so what I am offering is my inexperienced-at-sewing perspective. :) Well, if you can follow directions, you'll do just fine with this book. There are nice, clear diagrams and marks on the patterns that make it all very easy to follow along.

As proof, here is my finished hippo, freshly stuffed this morning:


The book is well-laid out and inspiring, and I love the way the author mixes and matches her fabrics in such a creative way. It definitely inspires me to pair things in ways I wouldn't ordinarily have done. The patterns are friendly to hand-sewing, so if you're afraid of a sewing machine (like yours truly), you can still sew your way through all of them. My hippo occupied about 2 full nights of sewing. Also, be sure to buy LOTS of stuffing - this little hippo ate up a 12 oz bag and a half of another, so about 18 oz, total!

This little owl was crafted by our patterns blogger, Jo:

Here's what Jo, a more experienced seamstress, had to say about the book:

I've had so much fun sewing from Sew Cute to Cuddle. It looks a lovely book and I will definitely be sewing from it again, I think the tiger will be up next, in time for my daughter's birthday (or maybe Christmas) as she loves tigers. I have just one criticism of the book though - no seam allowance, although it was fantastic that you don't have to enlarge the patterns. I did change the pattern slightly by hand embroidering on the appliqué pieces instead of machine sewing them on.

Be sure to stop by Emma Lamb's very thorough review, which includes wonderful details about the book and author, and which I will not try to reproduce here. Instead, I am keeping it brief with my final take on this book which is - totally worth it! If you like to sew stuffed creatures, or you are a relative sewing newbie, like myself, you will find the book a delightful addition to your craft library!

Here's a quick peek at all 12 toy patterns included in the book:

To enter our book giveaway, answer the following question: Which of these patterns would you make, or which is your favorite? I will close the comments on Sunday, Aug. 24 at 9 PM US CST, and we'll announce one random winner of the book soon after that.

August 22, 2014

Colour Complements Giveaway Winner!

We have our random winner in the Colour Complements Giveaway!

Perle cotton 21, I think. They are all being to be used, especially for hardanger. 21 looks like storm clouds to me though. Hmm.

Congratulations, Whitney! I agree, 21 looks beautiful:

Thank you again to Lorraine from Colour Complements! If you're looking for some lovely hand-dyed threads be sure to visit Colour Complements on Etsy.

August 20, 2014

Embroidered Shrine

If you have not been on Craftster lately then you are missing out on one of the most talented embroiderers out there today. Ludi's work is so haunting. She is able to create small works of art with a needle and thread. The above piece is a shrine that she made for a swap. Below is a side view so you can see all the tiny stitches. 
She has an etsy shop, The Imagination's Heart, in which you can purchase your very own small piece of art.