February 7, 2019

Project a Month: Wrap up - SeptemberHouse Calendar

Project a Month featuring the SeptemberHouse 2019 Calendar Kit as stitched by floresita for Feeling Stitchy

And I'm finished! I'm quite happy with my stitching and the colors and stitches I chose for the SeptemberHouse 2019 Calendar Kit. I gave a brief overview of the kit contents in my first post here and an update of my stitching progress in my second post here.

When I last checked in, I was busy filling in the flowers, bemoaning my satin stitch, and enjoying the bright colors I'd chosen.

Then, quite suddenly, I hit a wall - does this happen to you when you're stitching a project over multiple days? First, I became bored with the colors I thought I loved, then, after looking at my calendar in different light I started feeling like I didn't even like my choices anymore!

Challenge: Choosing Colors

As luck would have it, I've been taking an online Color Theory class by Karen Barbé on a Spanish-language site called Domestika, which gave me the inspiration I needed to keep going!

I pulled out the little color cards I'd made for Karen's class, to "measure the temperature" of the colors I'd chosen:
Using Karen Barbe's color cards

Pink was really calling out to me, and I loved how it looked against the colors I'd already stitched. It was was a cool tone that I thought would contrast well with the comparatively warm colors I'd chosen for the rest of the stitching.

So I added a bright cotton candy pink as an accent:

Finished SeptemberHouse calendar
And suddenly, I loved my calendar a lot more.

I used DMC 504 to chain stitch the inner border:
finishing up the SeptemberHouse calendar
I had my stitching in my favorite hoop, stretched tight, which made chain stitching very uncomfortable!

Helpful Items

One thing I found very helpful was this Clover Coin Thimble I'd purchased some time ago...
Just so you know, the link above is an Amazon Affiliate link - clicking through the link and buying does not cost any more for you and is one way to support our volunteer reviews.
finishing up the SeptemberHouse calendar

That coin tip on the Clover thimble bore the brunt of the pokes my needle gave me - it's a nice sturdy leather, a tad bulky, but really helpful if you're working on something large like this.

finishing up the SeptemberHouse calendar

I again used DMC 504 and a leaf stitch on the little leaves framing the 2019. I always forget how much I love that stitch - it gives such a lovely texture.

And here she is, in all her finished glory:

Finished SeptemberHouse calendar

Finished SeptemberHouse calendar

Finished SeptemberHouse calendar

Finished SeptemberHouse calendar

Finished SeptemberHouse calendar

DMC floss colors I used:
150, 605, 834, 832, 504, 3809 (2 skeins included with kit), 943, 926

I knew all along I'd hit a wall when it came to finishing the edges of the calendar - I'm no sewist - for some reason I have zero inclination to use a sewing machine. I've gotten some great easy finishing suggestions on Instagram, and I'll probably do one of those.

Finished SeptemberHouse calendar

For now, I'm just beyond pleased to have finished my first Project a Month for Feeling Stitchy!

More about SeptemberHouse

As I mentioned in my last post, the 2019 Calendar Kit is sold out, but you should definitely check out Corinne's shop for more of her beautiful patterns. If you love this calendar, get on her mailing list to find out when the 2020 calendar is in her store!

For more on SeptemberHouse visit:
Her Instagram: @septemberhouseoninstagram
Her Blog: https://soseptember.blogspot.com/
Her Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/septemberhouse


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