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Whipped Wheel stitch

MooshieStitch Mondays

Cable Plait stitch
Embroidered Ghost Lollipop Covers
Halloween Ghosts
Halloween Pumpkin Lollipop Covers
Kamal Kadai Work Flower
Mountmellick stitch
Mountmellick Thorn stitch
Whipped Wheel stitch
Woven Trellis stitch

Embroidered Scissor Wrist Cuff tutorial

Thimblenest Thursdays

Embroidered Elbow Patches
Embroidery Scissor Wrist Cuff
How to Display Small Designs on Canvas
Mismatched Sock Bag
Summer Reading Bookmark

Crown stitch

Whitney's Stitches

Back stitched chain stitch
Butterfly Chain stitch
Couched Filling stitch
Couching stitch
Crown stitch
Eye stitch
Pekinese stitch

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  1. I love all of these. So cute. Maybe I will try some with my granddaughter who keeps asking me to help her learn knitting, sewing, and etc. Thanks for the Tutorials.

  2. Thank you for those great ideas! I work right now on a german tutorial blog about stitching and find your things soooo inspiring!