January 30, 2017

MooshieStitch Monday: Interlaced Cable Chain Stitch (& TAST Anniversary)

Have you heard of the TAST challenge?

It stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday and is found on Sharon B's Pintangle blog.

The basics of Take A Stitch Tuesday: to challenge stitchers of all skill levels to learn a new stitch a week or if you already know it, experiment with that stitch.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because in 2017, TAST is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary!!

How cool to think that a stitching challenge has been going online for a decade!

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary, I completed the Interlaced Cable Chain Stitch.

I chose the Interlaced Cable Chain Stitch, because it is a stitch that I left off from when I was participating in the TAST challenge back in 2013 through 2015.

Here is a great tutorial on Pintangle from Sharon on how to work the Interlaced Cable Chain Stitch.

Need to learn the Cable Chain first? Watch Mary's video tutorial!

Just for fun, I decided to add onto the stitch - so I did another two rows of the cable chain above and below.

I like to draw a line in water soluble pen to keep my stitching as straight as possible.

Here it is finished.

Sharon re-started last week with stitch #69 - Magic Chain Stitch. Check it out!

More information about the TAST challenge, guidelines, and stitch list by number can be found here.

Have you ever participated in Take a Stitch Tuesday? Let us know!

And if you are interested -  all of my completed Take a Stitch Tuesday stitches can be found here.

Hi! I'm Michelle (aka Mooshie) and I've been stitching since 2007. I own more embroidery hoops than I will ever need and am a borderline hoarder of floss.

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