January 13, 2017

Friday Instagram Finds No. 83 with Emma Mattson

A couple of weeks ago my son sent me a screen cap of some moss. I thought it was a little weird until I tapped the picture and saw that it was hand embroidered moss in an embroidery hoop! He thought it was neat and thought I would, too. And, boy, do I!

Emma Mattson's (@emmancipationx) Instagram feed is beautiful. In addition to being a hand embroidery artist and weaver, she's a fantastic photographer. She's got a great eye and the way she frames her shots are visually appealing.

A photo posted by Emma Mattson (@emmancipationx) on

And my favorite of her photographs...

Hi, I'm Amy - Hi, I'm Amy. I feature interesting embroidery and stitch-related photos I find on Instagram. I'm a hand embroiderer and maker.

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