January 24, 2017

Stitchy Snippets - Lace Pictures

Stunning lace figures by artist Ágnes Herczeg, created entirely from organic materials such as: yarns, tree branches, roots, shell and clay. From her studio in Hungary, which is situated near the Danube river, Ágnes meticulously crafts these beautiful lace portraits using various traditional techniques. These include lace making with a pillow and bobbins, needle lace, macramé and braiding.

Ágnes forged her passion for 'almost-forgotten techniques' whilst majoring in textile conservation at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. She takes inspiration from prehistoric art and the nature around her, admiring ancient knowledge of the manipulation and application of natural resources in art. Inherently inquisitive, Ágnes continues to experiment with different organic based materials to compliment her intricate lace work.

Hi, I'm Julia - an embroidery enthusiast based in Amsterdam with a lifelong passion for textiles. I like to mix things up by combining different techniques and mediums - my origami styled dress won the Hand & Lock embroidery prize. Join me on my exploration of embroidery with mixed media and fibre art.

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