January 20, 2017

Friday Instagram Finds No. 84 with Chawne Kimber

Last Saturday I went to a workshop presented by the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild (which I'm a member of), that featured Chawne Kimber leading us in hand quilting. I'm not a quilter, but I want to be, and Chawne was the perfect person to get me started. Chawne is an artist who is well-known for her social justice minded quilts. It was fascinating to listen to the meanings of the various quilts she brought and get to touch them and feel the different textures. You can find Chawne on Instagram at @cauchycomplete and on her website at Cauchy Complete. Here are some of my favorite pictures from Chawne's Instagram.

A photo posted by Completely Cauchy (@cauchycomplete) on

And here's a bit of the start of the mini hand stitched quilt I started under Chawne's tutelage.

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