February 29, 2016

MooshieStitch Monday: Whipped Lazy Daisy

Remember my whipped wheel post from last year?

When  I was searching for more "whipped" stitch ideas, I found this Ribbed Spider Daisy Flower on Needle 'N Thread and had to try it!

First stitch a basic lazy daisy. I used a circle template to mark my flower petals as evenly as possible.

Follow the same directions as the whipped wheel stitch.

One exception: when you start whipping, do not come up through the middle of the daisy, come up in between two of the petals and then start whipping around each petal.

The red daisy petals are #5 perle cotton whipped with DMC floss.

I stitched a couple more daisies in #5 perle cotton to practice.

The blue and white daisies are also whipped with DMC floss.

ribbed spider daisy

ribbed spider daisy

All three whipped!

 ribbed spider daisy

ribbed spider daisy

ribbed spider daisy

Hope you try this stitch sometime!

Hi! I'm Michelle (aka Mooshie) and I've been stitching since 2007. I own more embroidery hoops than I will ever need and am a borderline hoarder of floss.

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